Natural Hormones

Natural hormones are hormones that are found in the body naturally – meaning, that the body manufactures (i.e, endogenously) these hormones. Natural hormones are thought to be best for the body in “supplement form”, when they are either obtained or manufactured to be “bio-identical” to the hormones that the bodies of both men and women produce. Progesterone and estrogens for example can be produced from wild yams; but, since they are produced in a laboratory and are identical to endogenously produced hormones in people, they are still considered natural.

So called natural hormones are thought to be better for the body than synthetic in that synthetic forms seem to cause fewer unwanted long and short-term side effects.

Dr. Wald recognizes the hormonal needs of many of his patients and provides several natural hormones when indicated. Dr. Wald says, “hormones from the outside (exogenously produced), have their place in health, but I prefer to use healthy lifestyle and nutrition to enable the body to produce its own hormones – this to me seems the most natural.

As far as hormone testing is concerned, tests for hormones are well known to be inaccurate at times. Dr. Wald therefore relies on testing, but emphasizes careful consultation and hormonal and health questionnaires, to narrow down the hormone(s) that he targets through various natural approaches. One’s diet, stress and sleep hygiene, environmental exposure, medications, genetics and many other factors are carefully considered by Dr. Wald towards his natural efforts to manage hormonal imbalance.

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