Sleep Issues

“In my practice, I see many people, men, women and also young adults, that have sleep problems. Either they cannot fall asleep or they can fall asleep, but they wake up once or more each night. Typically I find that disturbed sleep has more than one cause. Some of these causes range from stress and anxiety (a big one), health issues that are inflammatory in nature, hormonal problems, allergies and even electromagnetic sensitivities (EM-sensitivity). Without proper deep sleep, many dozens of health problems are known to result ranging from cancer (reduced immunity) to autoimmune diseases.”

Here’s how I go about identifying and managing the cause(s) of sleep issues in my patients. First I start with a detailed health history so that I can identify which lifestyle habits may be causing or contributing to disturbed sleep. Secondly, I have my patient complete several focused health questionnaires so that I can focus on exactly what the causes are. Once I have identified the causes of a person’s sleep issues, I teach my patients, and help them establish, proper lifestyle habits to establish what is known as – healthy circadian rhythms. 

Depending upon my suspicions as to the cause(s), I can then focus my and my patients efforts towards re-regulating proper sleep/circadian rhythm. It should be kept in mind that any number of diseases or states of ill-health can cause/contribute to sleep disturbances; and these disturbances can have severe health effects; one reason for this effect is that all healing occurs during rest and sleep! So whether the cause(s) include emotional contributors, chemical or electromagnetic, nutritional or others it’s possible to sleep again!

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