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Reasons for starting Life & Nutrition Coaching

Dr. Wald on a Zoom video chat with a client in another state. Dr. Wald gives his all to all of his clients whether they are face-to-face or over a video conference consultation.

Are you looking for real breakthroughs in your life such as abundant health, financial success and an extraordinary sex life? If so, you’re in the right place! What if you had the opportunity to create all that you wanted by developing your personalized “life success plan”? My personalized style of Life Coaching & Nutrition is focused upon what is happening in your life in terms of your personal health and how you relate to all other arena’s of your life including work, play, family, health and others. Then, together, we will create a life plan that fulfills upon your wants, needs and desires. The reason that I include nutrition into the Life Coach plan is because without health it is simply not possible to play fully at life. Please read below about some of the other important aspects of my “personal coaching plan” for you and start to imagine it happening! You have already taken the first step by reading this far, now take the next step and contact me directly so that we can start to direct your life as you want rather than it directing you.


Also, you might have areas that you want to transform that likely require time and guidance from someone like me. For example, overcoming a habit or achieving a personal or professional goals.

Acquiring New & Powerful Skills in Life

You may not have a very specific reason for seeking coaching, but want to make coaching a regular part of their life because you recognize the benefits of coaching. Generally, people who want someone to hold them accountable or who want to acquire new skills or make positive changes to their attitude or behavior  actively seek out my style of Life Coaching.

Hello, my name is Dr. Michael Wald and I want to thank you for visiting my life coach webpage

Dr. Michael Wald finds no greater pleasure than helping people reinvent themselves so that they live lives that they love. In addition to being a Life Coach, Dr. Wald earned an MD-diploma, Chiropractic degree, masters in nutrition and is a dietitian and certified nutritional specialist. His 30-plus years of helping people get well physically has always involved mindful and effective strategies for propelling people towards their dreams.

My commitment to you, even though we have not met, is to help coach you so that you live a life that you will love by effectively moving past emotional and mental roadblocks that are likely keeping experiencing both business success and life enjoyment. I have made tens of millions of dollars in my life time, have no debt, I own two homes, put 3 children through college and fly all over the world for fun! Maybe you have other professional and personal goals – if so, let’s clarify what they are and develop a do-able strategy to conquer them. Here is how…

Experience is key!

Many people seek me out as a Life Coach because of my 30-plus years of clinical experience working with people with physical health problems. As a nutritionist and chiropractor as well, I have had the pleasure of consulting with hundreds of people – and practically all of them could benefit from Life Coaching beyond the physical issues.

Fulfillment is within reach!

The simple reason for this is because life can seem daunting and difficult at times, and by controlling your state of mind, and not having it control you, new opportunities are revealed. Happiness, love and satisfaction unfold providing you with a source of authentic drive and focus…all fundamental for change and fulfillment.

Freedom from your past provides an opening for an extraordinary life!

My style of life coaching is focused on identifying the area or areas that are of concern to you such as your personal or professional relationships, finances, health and others. Once identified, we will go through a powerful and illuminating process of dismantling your limiting emotional and intellectual beliefs – now you are free to invent a future for yourself that fulfills on your wants, needs and desires… free from your past.

Concepts to explore that are proved to move people towards their dreams

Below I have described six key areas that we may explore together during our Life Coaching sessions that I believe are fundamental towards inventing the future of your dreams. These six areas represent fundamental concepts and life practices that, when tailored to your desires, provide an opening for an extraordinary life – filled with results, joy, love and meaning.

Thank you again for your trust. I am always excited to work with individuals that are ready to move forward in life powerfully and with remarkable results.

Dr. Michael Wald

Men, get fit with Dr. Wald! (Dr. Wald – Age 54, 2020)

Life Coach, DC, MS, CDN, CNS, Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition, MD-diploma

Laser Focus

It has been said that success in life is 80% psychological and only 20% mechanics. What this means is that for you to become successful in any arena of your life you must cultivate the mindset to make it happen. Many people are held back from what they want because they have limiting beliefs – and thus often fall far short of achieving what they want. As a clinician for over 30-yrs, I have had the opportunity to provide Life Coaching with hundreds and hundreds of people with all sorts of health problems and life issues – helping people break patterns of behaviors and thinking that are unhealthy and even outright toxic. Part of my strategy for helping you identify and create healthy patterns of behavior involves identifying your “mental traps” that put a chokehold on your success. I will help you develop empowering beliefs that have one ultimate goal – to propel you forward with laser focus!

My belief is that you want to be “informed” by your past, but not “held prisoner” by your past. Once free from limiting ideas and feelings rooted in your past you are free to invent a fulfilling future. – Dr. Michael Wald

Below are some of the key areas that I explore with my Life Coach clients. They represent fundamental aspects of what it is to be human, and what it may take to lead a truly fulfilling life – enjoy!

Success leaves clues

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in love, finances, family, happiness and seemingly every arena of their lives? Part of the answer is that those individuals do not operate like everyone else around them. Whether they know it or not, successful people in life have either or both conscious and unconscious “action plans” that point them to their success. Think about it – you are likely intelligent for even reading this page, you have achieved both success and failures in your life, but you are here (on my website) at least in part because there are one or more areas in your life that you are not happy with – and they cause you upset, stress…you might even feel like a failure. But you do not have to feel down. If you are like a lot of other people, you lack a plan that will lead you to fulfillment and success in your life. I will coach you to identify and create an action plan that fits a “success psychology” and from here we will develop steps to get you where you want to go.

Developing your personal resourcefulness

Do you feel that you just don’t have the resources to propel you forward towards your desires? Well, you are not alone in thinking this, but I’m going to bet that you are wrong – I bet that you do not lack the resources for success, but you are not being your most resourceful self. Do you make excuses about why you can’t succeed? If you say yes, then you are being honest, but if you say no then you are either allowing your excuses to take control of you and/or you have unconscious beliefs that are harmful for you – meaning, they are absolutely preventing you from succeeding. Its this simple – if you continue to mentally and emotionally operate in your life as you are currently you will never reach the level of fulfillment and success that you want on a conscious level. Together we can work on “re-writing” your mindset and thus emotional state so that passion, energy, love, creativity and laser focus takes over. Once you have committed to “washing your brain” of the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are preventing you from powerfully moving forward and achieving your goals – then, we can more easily disorder the resources, distinctions and strategies that might potentially take years off your efforts.

Massive action

The concept of massive action is the result of a powerful, focused and committed psychological state. You might feel at times that you know what to do, but you simply don’t take the actions necessary. If you find yourself stuck in areas of your life it might have something to do with you feeling uncertain about how to proceed. You might fear failure which will also keep you from taking the actions that you must to get the results that you want. The reason that you have not taken the massive action needed is because you are stuck in your comfort zone. Through our work together real growth will start to happen. Remember, if you don’t take action what is in your head will fade away and die – along with your dreams, aspiration and energy…all are needed for you to feel fulfilled.

Extraordinary Relationships

It has been said that the quality of your relationships mirror the quality of your life. Have you lost your sense of passion in your relationships and want it back? Could it be that your loss of passion is undermining your personal and or your professional relationships keeping you from cultivating a loving and lasting personal relationship, but also is preventing you from achieving financial success? In my experience coaching my patients through all sorts of trials and tribulations, I have learned that it is essential at times to stop living in your past. What I’m proposing to you is that if you want extraordinary financial and personal success it is critical to identify the conscious and unconscious beliefs that are limiting you. Part of new success in any area of your life involves throwing off your past. Discarding limiting beliefs and habits anchored in your past IS possible allowing you freedom from your limiting past thus opening up new possibilities in your life.

Personal Fulfillment & Success

I believe that living an extraordinary life is possible when one first realizes that success without fulfillment is failure. Achieving fulfillment involves directing your mind and not allowing your mind (both conscious and unconscious) to direct you. Letting your mind arbitrarily direct your life choices often leads to upset, lack of fulfillment and results both personally and professionally. As your coach I can help you direct your mind towards personal fulfillment and success – but we must develop simple and doable strategies that you can practice daily that moves you towards happiness. Living an extraordinary life will happen for you once you are open to shedding harmful past associations. Finally, together we can create the future that you want, now that you are free of your past that has been controlling your current choices, allowing for fulfillment to manifest.

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