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Dr. Wald Provides Health Targeted Consultations Focused on but not limited to:

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  • Dr. Wald conducts “person-focused” consults with his patients to “get to the bottom of things.”
  • Has your health been declining and are you distressed about it?
  • Have you wasted money and time seeing different health care providers with few or no real answers?

I have a 30-yr track record of helping people through focused-problem solving consultations. Scroll down to see many of the disease-focused consultations that Dr. Wald provides in his attempt to provide the most personalized natural health advice possible.

Athletic Training Consultations

As a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Double Board Certified Nutritionist Dr. Wald is a highly qualified asset to athletes and exercise enthusiasts alike.

“I work with individuals of all interests in fitness including the long list below.” – Dr. Wald

Being fit can be fun!
Dr. Wald is a personal trainer and will integrate your exercise needs with the right nutrition.

  • Powerlifters

  • Swimmers

  • Bikers

  • fencing

  • Runners (long and short distance)

  • Weight trainers

  • Basketball players

  • body builders

  • Baseball players

  • Wrestlers

  • Martial artists

  • Soccer players

  • Triathletes

  • ultramarathoners

  • and others wishing to maximize their game and to self-challenge.

Dr. Wald’s secret weapon – here’s how it works!

  • Dr. Wald’s Blood Detective approach to sports nutrition and performance is a unique invention helping him determine the right diet and nutritional supplements as they are applied to your fitness goals.

  • Dr. Wald examines your biochemistry interpreting it as any doctor would, but also interprets it for nutritional issues often missed by traditionally trained physicians – it should be noted that nutritionists (dieticians, MS, PhD, certified nutrition specialists) are NOT trained in how to read blood work at all.

  • Dr. Wald has special training and nearly 30-years of experience in clinical practice and teaching nutrition and sports performance seminars across the United States and abroad.

The use of his Blood Detective lab interpretation software and the tools below get him even closer to developing your personalized sports performance plan –

  • Personalizing your nutritional sports needs based upon carefully designed questionnaires

  • Based upon nearly 3-decades of clinical experience with athletes of all levels of experience, health and athletic goals. Experience matters as does the fact that Dr. Wald is a marathon runner, triathlete, weight trainer and martial artist himself.

  • Blood Detective Technology – Dr. Wald is the brain-child of his software program that he uses to help him nutritionally interpret your blood a way that is either difficult or not possible for other practitioners.

PERSONALIZE YOUR SPORTS NUTRITION – Dr. Wald writes the book on you!

Here is what you get by working with Dr. Wald –

  • Specific food suggestions meant to maximize your athletic and sports performance goals

  • Guidance regarding how to time your meals and nutritional supplements to offset glycogen loss both in muscles and the liver

  • Dietary suggestions that take into account your genetic needs, your current and future training schedule

  • Food suggestions that focused on managing and or achieving your desired body composition of muscle, water and fat percentage

  • Nutrition focused upon extending your athletic potential

  • Food, nutritional supplements and lifestyle management to reduce your risk, and enhance your recovery, from joint and muscle injuries

  • A full list of suggested vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, herbs and other nutraceuticals or your needs.

Bio-identical Hormone Health Plan (no longer available)* – nutritional support

  • Hormones balance may be affected in many ways. Stress, genetics, medications, foods and other factors may cause either hormonal deficiencies and/or excesses.

  • Adequate nutrition may help improve hormonal imbalance and thus the various symptoms and health conditions characterized by hormonal problems.

  • Dr. Wald may be able to help you with the use of questionnaires, consultation and testing to evaluate your hormonal issues; if there is a nutritional role in the form of foods and nutritional supplements to address your hormone issues then Dr. Wald may be able to help.

  • However, there is no substitute for prescribed non-bioidentical hormones provided by your medical doctor.

Hormones are like a sea of chemicals, going in and out like the tides, dictating your health

Here is how Dr. Wald determines what hormones that you need and natural solutions

Although Dr. Wald may utilize hormone tests for determining the best balance of bio-identical hormones required, there are a few things that you should know about how to get your hormones back in balance –

  • First, blood, saliva and urine hormone levels may not reflect your need for hormones.

  • Specific saliva hormone measurements

  • Urine measurements of estrogen metabolites

  • Non-hormone nutritional and other laboratory tests that evaluate various body processes that determine directly or indirectly hormone need, use and overall balance.


Cancer Consultation

Research and clinical experience has taught us that many people with cancer benefit from improved nutrition. Below are described some of the areas relating to cancer that we believe deserve special attention:

  • Prominent and respected sources such as the National Institutes of Health, The American Cancer Society and the American Institute of Cancer Research have all stated that good nutrition may play a prominent role in: cancer prevention, treatment and prevention of cancer recurrence.

  • Many cancer medications may have enhanced effects when combined with certain foods and nutritional supplements. Our office provides accurate information and guidance regarding drug-nutrient interactions.

  • Side-effects of cancer therapies may also be lessened or prevented with improved nutrition or the use of nutritional supplements.

    • For example, many forms of chemotherapy and radiation directed to the gastrointestinal tract cause troublesome symptoms: nutrients including the amino acid glutamine, whey protein and probiotics (i.e., acidophilus, plantarum, saccromyces boulardii, etc.) may effectively reduce symptoms of radiation and chemotherapy. Our detailed and individualized testing helps us determine the proper combination of lifestyle, foods and nutritional supplements for your state of health.

    • Certain types of omega 3 fatty acids, but not others, have the potential of improving both nutrient and chemotherapy delivery to target tissues.

    • Many more examples of complementary approaches to cancer prevention, treatment and reduction of cancer recurrence are available.

    • Furthermore, nutrition may help to offset side effects of chemotherapy and radiation that results in neuromusculoskeletal symptoms such as muscle and joint pain and toxic neuropathy.

  • If you want to know about cancer treatments speak with an oncologist; if you want to know about nutrition please allow us to work with you in partnership. Together, traditional oncology and advanced nutrition (Integrated Medicine style!) can help you enjoy life to its fullest! Schedule an appointment.

Combined Medical* And Nutritional Approaches For All All Levels Of Health And Disease Care

Medicine alone does not have all of the answers, and neither does natural medicine or nutrition…

Dr. Wald’s approach simply offers you more! Whether your health issue(s) started from nutritional problems, or resulted in nutritional problems, it is likely that nutritional and natural approaches may help.  Dr. Wald is happy to speak with your medical doctor(s) in his efforts to improve your results otherwise known as “clinical outcome”.

Our complete medical and nutritional evaluation and treatments are designed for thoroughness and results in the following ways:

  • Dr. Wald will take a complete medical and health history by listening to and questioning you from a medical and nutritional (holistic) perspective

  • Dr. Wald is mindful that a combination of traditional medications and natural and nutritional approaches may be needed – so we bring you options so that you may make an informed decision

  • Dr. Wald is are happy (and look forward) to communicating fully with your other health care providers and doctors – we never let our ego’s get in the way… we are your health advocates!

  • Carefully, we investigate all prior test results you have had – often important information is left out or considered unimportant. From a holistic perspective, even your prior “normal” tests may lend important clues towards your health and wellness efforts

  • When developing a lifestyle program for you we combine your health history, past-efforts to get well (and your results or lack of results) together with our investigations and your future goals.



Detoxification is a serious procedure that deserves exacting attention and testing. Drinking fruit juices and eating alkaline foods is not only misleading, but may not provoke adequate detoxification.

The nutritional detox process can only be accomplished with doctors who understand the cellular detox process (involving cytochrome P450 enzymes, etc.). Specific nutritional factors are needed for cellular detox (and may not be found in the healthy foods one is consuming), but as importantly, detox efforts must be based on the specific toxins to be removed.

Different detoxifying agents are required for different metals and for bacterial, fungal or parasitic endotoxins, for example. Detox must further consider genetics, lifestyle, personal health history, absorption issues and possibly many other factors.

The concept of acid/alkaline is also largely misunderstood by both the lay public and by health professionals. In short, to be more alkaline is a meaningless statement as the mouth should be alkaline, the stomach acidic, the small intestines alkaline, the venous blood slightly higher than neutral, etc., etc. Please allow us to help guide you through the important and essential process of detoxification.

Distance Education Consultation

Our office is happy to work with you or your family and friends that may live far from our office even in other states and countries.

Here’s how it works:

  • We provide the patient with our medical and health forms to complete
  • We schedule a phone consultation once we have received and reviewed our paperwork. This consultation is like all others that we have in our schedule book, and we look forward to it as we would any other consultation with an individual that is in our office in person.
  • During the consultation we will formulate ideas and suggestions and will often recommend testing. We can provide a complete list of tests including blood tests for your local lab or doctor to perform. Once these tests are completed, a follow up phone consultation will be scheduled. If laboratory work has been performed within the last three months then we will often not re-take these blood tests; however, we may suggest additional tests and procedures.

Food, Diet and Nutritional Supplement Consultation

During these consultations, Dr. Wald or his nutritional consultant will discuss the details of all nutritional supplements that you need based upon your health problems and laboratory (blood) work as partially determined through his Blood Logic technology. Even if you have been told that your blood tests are “normal” this doesn’t mean that they are ideal… this may be why you are not optimally well. All dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations are designed specifically for you! No guess work or wasted time and money. Cooking consultations and group food preparation classes are also available.

Environmental toxicity Consultation

It is now common knowledge that we are exposed to literally thousands of toxins daily. Depending on our ability to detoxify these toxins and our nutritional and immune resiliency, we may be more or less predisposed to ill health, disease and recovery. Our environment also exposes us to potential allergies and a myriad of other chemicals. Careful laboratory testing and consultation with health care providers who are knowledgeable in the area of environmental medicine is crucial for creating health. Our practitioners are like laboratory and nutritional detectives… they will work hard for you!  Environmental medicine is a branch of natural health care (and medicine) that focuses on the potential influence of all variety of environmental factors that may impact your health and wellbeing.

Healthy-Aging Medicine (Longevity)

Dr. Wald has published a leading book in the Anti-Aging field entitled, The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia. Healthy-aging medicine recognizes that natural hormones, diet, nutrition, herbs, and exercise can be used to make you feel younger and lower your risk for disease.

How well you age and how long you live are largely determined by your genes and by your daily health choices. Our office intelligently and thoroughly provides aging marker tests and natural approaches with the goal of improving the quality of your life.

Dr. Wald will help you solve health questions, concerns and goals including –

  • What are your vitamin and mineral levels?
  • How much protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats do you require daily to either loose weight or gain lean body mass?
  • What is your metabolic rate? Is it too slow? If yes, get ready to get it juiced up!
  • What is the biological age of your arterial system? Believe it or not there is an FDA approved technology that determines this. Dr. Wald can prove that healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplements can reduce biological age
  • What are your hormone levels? And how do you improve how your body uses hormones?
  • Want more energy, memory, stamina, better body shape and conditioning? Dr. Wald has the answers!

Heart Health Consultation

Cardiologists are experts in diagnosing various forms of cardiovascular disease and providing medications and surgical treatments. Often, people seek us out because they want more then generalized recommendations regarding good nutrition. Cardiologists and dieticians are trained in the basics such as eat a low fat diet and exercise appropriately for your heart condition and rehabilitation. Our experience and focus allows us to go further in these ways:

  • Your Personalized Fitness Program: Exercise is not just exercise. We will develop your personalized lifestyle and exercise plan.
  • Promote Healthy Weight: Specific nutritional laboratory tests and an electrical bioimpedance body composition analysis helps us determine how your unique cardiovascular experience has, and may affect, your nutritional needs. Knowing your metabolic rate (how you burn calories), your body percentage of muscle, water and fat are essential for maximizing your Optimal Cardiovascular Health Plan.
  • Improve Energy: Cardiovascular disease often results in reduced overall energy. Our Heart Health Consultation is a balanced plan that optimizes your nutritional and lifestyle needs (see our patent-pending, Blood Detective Program).
  • Reduce Side-Effects of Various Medications: Certain nutrients and foods can affect how your medications work for better and for worse. For example, if you are taking a statin medication (to lower your cholesterol) you should probably also take a nutrient called, CoQ10. However, if you are taking a statin you should probably not take niacin (vitamin B3 or lipoic acid). Let us help you correctly balance your overall diet and nutritional supplements safely and effectively.
  • Improve Quality of Life.


Natural Women Consultation

Dr Wald provides comprehensive nutritional health care for women of all ages and for all manner of female health issues.

Bio-identical Hormones (Dr. Wald does not prescribe any medications including bio-dentical hormones)

Our office provides a comprehensive and individualized approach using bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones are identical to those made by the body and are synthetic (made in a laboratory). It is a misconception that plants contain “natural” hormones; plants DO contain hormone-like chemicals that are often used as “starting chemicals” when bio-identical hormones are produced in the laboratory. The human body is unable to convert hormone-like chemicals in plants such as soy and wild yams to active hormones. Hormones used by conventional OBs, internist and endocrinologists are also synthetic, but are very different structurally from those made endogenously (in the body). Bio-identical hormones are easily recognized by the body and are thought to carry far less risk of hormone related cancers compared to synthetic, non-bio-identical hormones.

Our office utilizes several important tests for determining the best balance of bio-identical hormones required. These important tests include:

  • Certain blood hormone levels
  • Specific saliva hormone measurements
  • Urine measurements of estrogen metabolites
  • Non-hormone nutritional and other laboratory tests that evaluate various body processes that determine directly or indirectly hormone need, use and overall balance.

It is the combination of these tests that give the most comprehensive assessment of hormone levels, relative use by body tissues in need and potential cancer risk (Yes! Even natural hormones may increase cancer risk in a given individual)

Our approach to women’s health issues that are hormonally related is to consider these conditions in the context of the entire body. Said another way, the traditional medical approach generally involves prescriptions of synthetic hormones. Hormonally-focused doctors often may not consider non-hormonal causes of hormonal problems. Sounds complicated? It’s really not that complicated when a woman’s health issues are considered holistically. We work with women with all varieties of hormone and other health problems including, but not limited to:

  • Breast Issues
  • Overall Fitness
  • Fatigue
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Heart Conditions
  • Pregnancy/Pre-Pregnancy
  • Infertility/Fertility Nutrition
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Natural (bio-identical) Hormones
  • Pre- and Post-menopausal Therapy
  • Weight Loss
  • Neuromusculoskeletal problems such as muscle and joint pain, nerve pain, headaches, etc.

Neurological Examination and Consultation – Holistic style!

  • Dr. Michael Wald has been working with most forms of neurologic issues over the course of his nearly 3 decades of providing nutritional, natural therapies and chiropractic care..

  • According to Dr. Wald, “Multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, pain and inflammation and many health issues involving the nervous system can be helped to some extent with individualized nutritional approaches.

  • It’s not enough to ‘eat right’ or ‘take the right vitamins’ – it’s essential that everything that you do is based upon ‘what’s behind your diagnosis’, in other words, your biochemistry. I will test you for toxins, infections, absorption issues, hormonal issues and many other factors and design a plan for you using my Blood Detective technology; this is my patent-pending software that helps me get to the bottom of your nutritional needs.


For years I have been lecturing and managing my patients with Lyme disease based upon certain concepts that I have developed over the course of my 26 years experience. These concepts are only now just beginning to become recognized by medical researchers.

 Here is what you need to know:

 1.    Dr. Nevena Zubcevik, attending physician at Harvard Medical School and co-director of Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown (SRH), presented a talk recently regarding her findings. These findings are all consistent with what I and some of my colleagues over the years have been saying about Lyme Disease. Here are the key points:

a.    Ten to fifteen percent of people with Lyme disease experience symptoms for years – this is known as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS).

b.    Graduating doctors are poorly educated about the most important factors of Lyme disease.

c.    Dr. Zubcevik discussed how the actor Kris Kristofferson was cured of his dementia once his Lyme disease was treated – only after it was overlooked for far too long.

d.    A sudden onset of dementia may be Lyme disease.

e.    Every person over the age of 50 has a compromised immune system.

f.     Adults and children do not present with Lyme disease the same way.

g.    Lyme disease can appear as schizophrenia and many other mental and physical diseases.

h.    Lyme disease bacteria can infect a person after only 15 MINUTES OF BEING ATTACHED to the body.

i.      Twenty (20) days of doxycycline at a dose of 100 to 200 milligrams, at least, is needed to initially manage Lyme disease.

j.      There are at least 10 different strains of Lyme disease

k.    Traditional Lyme disease testing is inadequate and oftem misses Lyme disease.

l.      The bull’s-eye rash only happens approximately 20% of the time.

m.  Lyme disease infection can spread from mother to offspring.

n.    Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) is corkscrew shaped and can and does boar or dig itself into other tissues evading the immune system.


p.    The Center of Disease Control (CDC) does not believe in chronic Lyme and has contributed to the lack of intravenous antibiotic coverage for chronic Lyme suffers.

The Blood Detective Longevity Approach to Lyme Disease 

A COMPREHENSIVE healing approach is needed for Lyme disease. Below I have described my basic approach to Lyme disease.

1.    Testing of as many potential confections as to Lyme disease are tested.

2.    I test and evaluate six (6) levels of the immune system and focus lifestyle including foods and nutritional supplements in an attempt to correct any issues discovered that are nutritionally dependant.

3.    Tests of nutrient levels, nutrient use and absorption are evaluated targeted naturally.

4.    Toxins, food allergies, hormone evaluations, hormonal and as many potential areas of health that could influence recovery from Lyme disease are performed.

5.    With the use of my Blood Detective technology I then attempt to compare the results of many lab tests to “optimal ranges” instead of only “normal” ranges and developed personalized natural approaches for each of my patients.

6.    Antibiotics for Lyme disease are necessary, but repairing the body from these antibiotics is a must!  Keep in mind that:

a.    Probiotics are not all the same and just taking them is not enough

b.    Determining digestive capacity is essential

c.    Managing inflammation is a must

d.    Repairing any immune defects is fundamental

e.    Just eating healthy foods and taking nutritional supplements is not going to do the job…all recommendations must be based upon how you and your body are affected by either THE CURRENT PRESENT OF LYME DISEASE AND COINFECTIONS, BUT ALSO THE DAMAGE OR AFTERMATH OF PRIOR INFECTIONS.


About Dr Wald

Using advanced testing and his patent-pending Blood Logic computer software that interprets hundreds of pieces of lab data in just a few minutes, Dr. Wald has uncovered and helped literally thousands of patients over his 26 plus years become well and prevents disease where other doctors have failed.

Through blood work and other forms of testing known as biomarkers, Dr. Wald develops a complete metabolic map for his patients leaving no cell, tissue or organ system unturned. Biomarkers are tests that, when considered all together and in the context of organ specific questionnaires, accurately determines one’s actual rate of aging (biological age vs. chronologic age) and predisposition to many diseases. His program is ideal for those who want to prevent and predict early death and promote longevity and improved quality of life.

All of Dr. Wald’s treatments all non-drug and consisting of individualized combinations of herbal, dietary, stress reduction, yoga, juicing, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional compounds.

Dr. Wald is perhaps the most qualified clinical nutritionist in the United States having a medical education, chiropractic degree, two board certifications in nutrition, a dietician-nutritionist certification and several other qualifications. He can be reached at: 914-522-1442.

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