Natural Solutions with the Blood Detective Technology

Patients, Find Natural Solutions to Your Hidden Health Problems with the Blood Detective Technology

Here is what you get with Dr. Wald’s Blood Detective Report:

I designed the blood detective program to provide you with cutting-edge health and nutritional information.

Your blood often holds the key to resolving health problems. Both nutritional & medical descriptions are provided for most tests that you provide.

Here is what you get from once your blood tests have been interpreted in the form of a comprehensive Blood Detective Report:

  • A comprehensive list of nutritional supplements based upon your test results – comparing you to healthy people.

  • Up to 20-days of food and recipes recommendations based upon your abnormal results.

  • Potential diagnoses are provided along with detailed nutritional supplements and food suggestions – all based upon your biochemical individuality.

  • And, potential drug-nutrient and drug-laboratory interactions.

If you do not feel well, and your doctor says that, “your blood work is normal”

then consider a Nutritional Interpretation of your blood work – it could reveal hidden issues and provides natural solutions!



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YOUR Personalized Blood Detective Report will contain all of this!

Clinical or Average vs. Healthy or Functional Blood Ranges

Did you know that your blood work, and the “clinical” ranges that you are compared to, are derived from groups of “average” men or woman and NOT “healthy” people? It’s true! Blood Detective computer technology compares you to both average and healthy – providing practical and natural suggestions in the form of foods and nutritional supplementation. Your Personalized Blood Detective Report contains the these sections or sub-reports for easy reading and navigation through the report:

Lab Results & Comparisons Page

Compares your doctors blood results (“Clinical”) to healthy Blood Detective ranges also called Functional Ranges. The Healthy Ranges were determined by Dr. Michael Wald, author of the Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Tests with 30-plus years of clinical experience.

Send us your blood report results and we will send you…

A physical report will be mailed to you that contains a chart comparing your “Clinical” blood results to “Functional or Healthy” ranges. Clinical ranges are the blood ranges that you can see for each test on your blood report printout from the lab (i.e., like Quest, Enzo, Accu, etc.).

A common example would be your blood glucose with a “clinical” range of 65 – 104 mg/dL;

the “healthy/functional” range on your Blood Detective report is 70-85 mg/dL.

Healthy ranges vs average ranges – which is best?

Let’s say that your blood glucose level today is 101 clinical – this is “normal” compared to your clinical ranges , but too high compared to the Blood Detective range. Studies have shown that a blood glucose level above 85 mg/dL substantially increases your risk of diabetes even though it is within the “normal” range; but the Blood Detective ranges would have identified a problem that can be worked on. There are dozens more examples of how blood work can appear “normal” on a regular blood test list of normals, but abnormal compared to “healthy” – herein is the opportunity to have dozens of your blood tests analyzed this way. Download my Scientific Paper for many more examples of “average” vs. “healthy” ranges. What then would you do with this new knowledge of hidden abnormalities?

Body Systems

The Blood Detective program will determine your “weak body system(s)” based upon your abnormal tests. For example, if you have 5 abnormal tests that reflect heart health problems and only 2 abnormal tests that relate to your immune system then the Blood Detective technology will prioritize food and nutritional supplements for your cardiovascular system. By determining your weak body system your health efforts will be laser focused on your weak area(s).

Evaluation Report Test Descriptions

This section, called Findings & Considerations, will provide a detailed definition of your “low” or “high” abnormal blood test results; the medical and the nutritional meaning of all or most of your blood tests will be provided so that you can see for yourself the nutritional possibilities! Blood Detective will take all abnormal test results and determine the best nutritional supplements and foods based upon your blood chemistry.

Common Conditions

Blood Detective will provide details regarding potential diagnoses to consider based upon each of your abnormal test values compared to “healthy” people and not just “average” people.

LABORATORY Relationships

Your report will contain suggestions of other tests and procedures that might be appropriate for you to consider based upon your blood test interpretations. For example, if your vitamin D3 level elevated, and your blood calcium level and liver enzymes are high then your Blood Detective Report will say something like,

“Consider excessive vitamin D3 intake causing hypervitaminosis and hepatitis of the liver and hypercalcemia. Discontinuing vitamin D3 intake is indicated and retesting of serum calcium and liver enzymes suggested in 3 weeks.”

Drug NUTRIENT/Drug-Laboratory Interactions

Many medications can cause deficiencies of various vitamins, minerals and other nutriceuticals. Also, medications may interfere with the metabolism and even absorption of nutrients. Your Blood Detective Report will provide some potential interactions of how medications may have affected by your laboratory values and overall nutrition.

Recommended Nutritional Products

Your Blood Detective Personalized Report will provide dosages of various nutritional products provided by one or more of the supplement companies below. If you do not prefer to use these companies than you can choose generic supplement suggestions and then use any supplement company that you like. Nutritional supplement suggestions from other companies other than those listed below are NOT currently available within the Blood Detective program. However, let Dr. Wald know which company that you prefer and he maybe able to provide you with nutritional supplement suggestions at an additional cost.

  1. Allergy Research
  2. Freeda
  3. NutriWest
  4. Biotics
  5. Key
  6. Orthomolecular
  7. Standard Process
  8. Blood Detective Nutritionals
  9. Metagenics
  10. Perque
  11. Thorne

These are the tests that can be interpreted by the blood detective system. If you do not see your tests here, Dr.Wald can interpret additional tests for an additional charge. Submit your blood tests for analysis here.

A/G ratio Fibrinogen Monocyte percentages
Albumin Folic acid, red blood cells Monocytes, absolute
Aldosterone Free, T3 MPV Neutrophil, percentage
Alkaline phosphatase GGT Neutrophils, absolute
ALT (SGPT) Gliadin antibodies, IgA Percent (%) saturation
ANA Gliadin antibodies IgG Phosphorus
Androstenedione Globulin Platelets
AST (SGOT) Glucose Potassium
Basophils, absolute Growth hormone releasing hormone Prolactin
Basophils, percentage HDL PSA
Bicarbonate/CO2 Helicobacter pylori antibodies PTT
Bilirubin, direct Hematocrit RBC (red blood cells)
Bilirubin, indirect Hemoglobin RDW
Blood type A Hemoglobin A-1 C Reticulin antibody
Blood type AB Homocysteine Reverse T3
Blood type B IGF1 (growth hormone) Rheumatoid factor
Blood type O Immunoglobin E SHBG
BUN Immunoglobin G Sodium
BUN/creatinine Immunoglobin, M T3 uptake
Calcium Immunoglobulin A T4, free
Calcium/albumin ratio Calcium/phosphorus ratio INR Testosterone, free saliva
Chloride Insulin, free Testosterone, total plasma
Cholesterol Iron, serum Thyroglobulin antibodies
Cholesterol/HDL ratio LDH Thyroid peroxidase antibodies
Cholesterol/HDL ratio LDL TIBC
Cortisol, free saliva Lipase Total protein
Creatinine Lymphocyte, absolute Total, T3
Creatinine clearance, urine Lymphocytes, percentage Total, T4
Creatinine phosphokinase (CPK) Magnesium, RBC Transferrin saturation
CRP Cardio Magnesium, red blood cell Transglutaminase antibody
DHEA sulfate, plasma Magnesium, serum Triglycerides
DHEA sulfate, saliva Dihydrotestosterone, saliva MCH TSH
Eosinophils, absolute MCHC Uric acid
Eosinophils, percentage MCV Vitamin B12 serum
ESR Mercury, Plasma Vitamin D3
Estradiole, Serum Mercury, RBC White blood cell, total
Ferritin Methylmalonic acid Zinc, red blood cells

Disclaimer: Dr. Wald’s Blood Detective reports are not meant to substitute for sound medical or health advice, but are for your education purposes only. Consult with your physician or health care provider for diagnoses, lab interpretation or for any other information that is provided from any of Dr. Wald’s services.

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