Vitamin D- How Much, When, and Why

Vitamin D3 is now known to be a major nutritional deficiency that is associated with perhaps hundreds of different health problems. “Vitamin D deficiency (not enough) or insufficiency (normal but not optimal) ,can cause such varied health problems including, heart disease, cancers, hormonal problems, autoimmune diseases, overweight/obesity, arthritis/pain, osteoporosis, infertility, hypothyroidism and many others. But here is the important part; most people will have more than just a vitamin D problem, but doctors often fail to test for these other associated nutritional problems. Here is what to do…
First thing is that a vitamin D3 level should be established. The normal range of vitamin D3 on a blood test is between 30-100. Most regular medical doctors think that the vitamin D3 level of 31 for example (normal) means the same as a normal level of 70. Studies have shown that a vitamin D3 level of 70 is associated with a longer life experienced as relatively disease free; also, life span is inversely related to D3 levels meaning that the nigher “normal” your vitamin D3 levels the greater the quality and length of your life should be. This is because virtually all cells in the body that forms your body tissues require vitamin D3; meaning that if deficient/insufficient all cause “morbidity and mortality” also increases.

Thankfully, Dr. Wald is able to identify and fix insufficient vitamin D3 levels and also identify other nutritional problems that are often associated with this deficiency.

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