Health of Skin, Hair, Nails and Teeth (SHNT)

According to Dr. Wald, “healthy appearance of skin, hair, teeth and nails is often a reflection of overall body health. In other words, people who are losing hair, or have dry or damaged skin, weak/cracking nails and poor dental health often have metabolic health problems.

A weak thyroid gland, poor nutrition such as lack of protein and healthy fat, as well as many other nutritional deficiencies, often manifest as poor tissue healing. SHNT will reflect nutritional issues as well as be related to autoimmune diseases and other chronic health problems. Dr. Wald says, “so many people with SHNT problems seem to know about biotin. The problem is that it almost never helps as many of you reading this already know. This is because it is usually a “whole body health approach” that is needed and rarely only one nutritional factor.”

Importantly, SHNT problems tend to result from years of health neglect such as improper diet, lack of attention to health problems, fitness, stress and sleep. The way to successfully manage SHNT health and appearance is by finding the cause(s). If the causes of brittle nails is related to malabsorption, for example, of zinc and protein, these nutritional factors should be addressed; but, if the cause of the protein and zinc deficiency is due to autoimmune disease, toxic exposure or hormonal problems, just to name a few, then these issues must be addressed.

Dr. Wald’s approach to healthy SHNT is to carefully conduct a consultation with his patients that determines the cause(s). Then, Dr. Wald determines if any nutritional or other laboratory tests are needed; all of this to more accurately target both nutritional and non-nutritional causes of poor SHNT health.

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