Heart Disease, Cholesterol, and Natural Solutions

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in both men and women. Medical approaches to stroke for example, a form of heart/vessel disease, have resulted in greater survival rates, but far greater disability. In other words, people are surviving heart attacks and strokes directly as a result of advancements in medical approaches, but the quality of life of these individuals is frequently very poor.

According to Dr. Wald, “living longer in a nursing home is what has happened with the current medical approach. I believe what is needed, to improve overall quality and length of life from heart/vessel disease, is the proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle measures. Hundreds of scientific studies, and my 30-plus yrs of clinical experience, have taught me that personalizing foods, exercise, genetic and acquired nutritional needs are the best way to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease.”

Strangely, medical physicians have very limited health and nutritional training. Therefore, it is the job of clinical nutritionists who can perform nutritional tests, to determine what foods should be consumed, what supplements are exercise that are needed, as well as identifying what other factors contributed to the cardiovascular situation of individuals.

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