Gluten, Allergies, and Natural Solutions

Gluten is a constituent other diet found mostly in grains and other related foods. There is a certain segment of the population that has celiac disease which is a genetic condition that requires lifelong elimination of gluten to correct the malabsorption that occurs from degeneration in one’s small intestine. Years and absorption can result in a variety of health problems that range from poor healing to brittle nails to dry skin, constipation, cancer, osteoporosis, low thyroid function and a chronic skin condition known as dermatitis h. Gastroenterologist often diagnosed celiac disease and recommend lifelong elimination of gluten but often fail to then identify the secondary health conditions and various nutritional deficiencies that are the result of years of malabsorption.

The same issues above could also be caused by a lesser form of gluten intolerance known as non-celiac disease or gluten allergy or sensitivity. In this case Gluten does not have to be eliminated over one’s life time but does have to be removed in the short term so that Dr. wall can make nutritional corrections that’s increasing a persons tolerance to gluten and therefore allowing them to consume this food if so desired.

Dr. Wald has 30 years of experience dealing with malabsorption disorders and gluten intolerant of all types.

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