Diabetes involves abnormal blood sugar, hormones and inflammation and can adversely affect any organ, tissue or gland in the body. Causes include genetic causes, poor diet, lack of proper exercise, sleep and stress coping skills just to name a few. Depending upon the causes of your diabetes, Dr. Wald says, “I search using lab tests for the various nutritional issues that are often associated with worsening diabetes. 

While the medical approach is usually one or more insulin focused medications or insulin, the nutritional approach can identify many nutritional issues that, in my 30-yrs of experience, either improve or completely eliminate (or control) diabetes.  Not all individuals with diabetes suffer from the same nutritional, genetic or lifestyle issues so it is up to me to find out what each patient’s nutritional needs are.

It is amazing to realize that we now know that diabetes can be caused by such seemingly obscure causes including inflammatory issues and air pollution (toxins). The toxins are absorbed into the body and make their way into the pancreas and cause abnormal functioning of the insulin secreting cells of the pancreas known and the beta-cells. Inflammation can cause blood sugar problems by affecting many body systems including insulin sensitivity (causing reduced insulin sensitivity and/or reduced insulin production.

Generally speaking, protein balance, inflammation and toxin issues, exercise and overall nutritional balance must be achieved. Finally, depending upon other comorbid conditions that the diabetic patient usually also suffers from each must be addressed nutritionally – this means that no two patients with diabetes require the same focused nutritional and lifestyle improvements.

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