Detoxification and Alkaline Approaches to Health

Detoxification is a term referring to the process in the body to inactivate and remove toxins. Toxins are substances that may be produced in the body (endogenous) or are also exogenous (outside of the body). Most of our organs aid in the detoxification process depending upon the toxin(s) that have accumulated. The liver is a commonly known organ of detox, but the lymphatic and cardiovascular and lungs also aid in the detoxification of unwanted substances (toxins). Dr. Wald asks, “how does one determine the toxins(s) to be detoxed and how should that happen exactly?”

“What you must know, according to Dr. Wald is that no single natural approach to detox is appropriate for each individual. The specific toxins must be identified and the correct detoxification approaches applied. For example, NAC is a natural detoxifier potentially useful for mercury, but not best for arsenic or toxic hormones. So, through a careful and detailed process, i determined what each person needs for their detoxification and health building process.

There are different ways to detox unwanted substances and the type of toxin will determine the best way, generally speaking. Common toxins are hormonal byproducts, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and others. Different nutritional approaches are considered by Dr. Wald when detoxing and improving a person’s ability to remove toxins ongoingly.

The alkaline approach is silly and ill informed. There is a concept in natural medicine that we should “alkalinize” our bodies because that is best for health. The reason why this concept is wrong, according to Dr. Wald, “is because we should be alkaline (pH) in our mouths, acid in our stomachs, fairly neutral in our blood (7.4 pH) and on the acid side in our urine; unless these pHs are maintained, many health problems can result. An “alkaline approach”, whatever this means for each practitioner, cause low stomach acid, malabsorption, increased risk of infection, calcium accumulation (hardening of the arteries, stones, etc.), and many other diseases.

The secret to the alkaline approach is not the “alkaline approach”, but the right nutritional approach that restores acid and alkaline balance in the body according to what those specific areas of the body should be under healthy and normal physiological conditions. According to Dr. Wald, “drinking alkaline water is like consuming antacids every time that you drink the alkaline water! This is very dangerous! My approach to proper Ph balance is a whole-body-approach meant to improve overall health towards restoring Ph balance correctly throughout the body.

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