Cancer and Nutrition- Getting it Right

60% of women’s cancers and 40% of men’s cancers are related to nutritional factors according to studies. “I have never seen a cancer patient with adequate nutrition. The cancerous process is often a “nutritionally consuming” situation increasing the cancer patient’s body requirements for a large number of nutrients. Proteins and essential fatty acid needs, along with increased need for vitamin C, glutathione and other nutrients, are common in many cancers.”

According to Dr. Wald, “each person’s cancer experience is different meaning that the nutritional needs of a given individual, with a particular type and extent of cancer, may vary widely. Also, the nutritional needs of cancer patients will change depending upon, not only the type and stage of the cancer, but based upon other health issues or comorbid conditions. Additionally, the type of foods and nutritional supplements vary widely among the different types of cancer as well as the changing health status/nutritional needs of the person who is experiencing cancer.”

“My approach to cancer patients, and their nutritional changing nutritional needs, is to accomplish the following whenever possible: to slow or help arrest (stop) the cancer process, to reduce the risk of secondary infections resulting from the lowered immunity caused by the cancer and from chemotherapy, and to improve immunity and optimize nutrition overall. I accomplish this with my 30-yrs of experience, knowledge of the medical and nutritional literature, the appropriate nutritional tests and utilizing natural and nutritional methods as appropriate.

Patients who are receiving, or who have received, chemotherapy and or radiation, require specialized nutritional considerations as the use of some nutrients may or may not be best when used along with certain types of cancer care.

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