Autoimmunity and Low Immunity

Autoimmunity is a term that describes when the body starts to break itself down. Tissues break down due to inflammation and other causes and that causes the boys and insistent to react against the person’s cells tissues organs and glands. The body auto digest itself in a sense resulting in chronic degeneration and the various symptoms associated with any number of autoimmune diseases. Auto immunity means too much immunity, and hypo-immunity refers to low immunity.

Lower immunity is characterized by part of the immune system of an individual that do not work properly. The person that suffers from any number of health problems and is more susceptible to other diseases, including infections.

Dr. Wald has learned during his 30 years of clinical experience and education to provide proper diet nutritional supplements and other lifestyle recommendations that are specifically targeted to either lower excessive immunity found in autoimmunity and to increase lowered immunity found in hypo immunity. Careful consultation, questionnaires and various tests allow Dr. WALD to, “put it all together”, for each individual person under his care.

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