Aging and Inflammation

Aging is now known to be a curable disease – proved by Harvard researchers. Giving this new perspective, researchers are now finally examining the many natural and nutritional ways in which to positively affect the aging process. Also, we now also know that aging, or bad aging, is related to chronically present levels of inflammation that destroy tissues resulting in what we know as aging. 

According to Dr. Wald, almost no one ages “naturally”; they say to me, Dr. Wald, I guess my health problems are from the aging process. These people are almost always wrong simply because they have bad diets, do not exercise correctly or enough and are lacking one or more nutritional factors – all causing tissues dis-repair, autoimmune reactions and the diseases that we see that “accompany” (and are not necessarily caused), by aging itself.”

“As your body ages, it literally breaks down on a cellular basis. Once the bodies ability to repair is exceeded by disrepair, aging happens. So, if a person, with my help, can improve their overall nutrition state such that repair will exceed dis-repair and the aging process can be slowed and even reversed (certain aspects). 

Signs and symptoms of aging might include cancer, dropping hormone levels, autoimmune disease, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease just to name a few. Each and every one of these, and other diseases, are known to respond positively with the proper use of dietary improvements, proper use of nutritional supplements and various lifestyle improvements.

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