Absorption and Malabsorption of Foods

Absorption is a word referring to the ability of the body, the small intestine, specifically, to absorb nutrition from the foods and/or nutritional supplements consumed. We are “not what we eat”, as the old adage says, but instead we are “what we absorb” from what we eat. Dr. Wald says, “there are several types of malabsorption that people suffer from including, but not limited to, low or absent stomach acid/enzymes, low pancreatic enzymes, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and others.

Many health problems can result from malabsorption that often go unrecognized in traditional medical care. Osteoporosis, protein and iron deficiency, weight gain, depression, hair, nails, teeth problems, slow healing overall, increased risk of infection and to autoimmune disease. However, literally any health problem can be caused or worsened by malabsorption of nutrition. The key to improvement and cure is to identify the extent of malabsorption and to correct it as naturally as possible.

It is essential, Dr. Wald says, “to determine the type of malabsorption that the person is suffering from and then to correct it when possible. The right foods and nutritional compounds should be targeted to the cause(s) of the malabsorption. Thankfully, a natural and nutritional approach, with the right laboratory tests, are often extremely effective for identifying and managing malabsorption causes and natural recovery.

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