Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

  • Foods vs. Supplements -Either one or both!

    Do nutritional supplements work? Yes. When there is a deficiency or insufficiency of a vitamin or mineral providing that vitamin or mineral to an individual will correct problem resulting in elimination of vitamin deficiency symptoms. Supplements at much greater than the recommended daily allowances have been shown to have many benefits beyond correcting deficiency.

  • What are the different types of nutritional supplements? There are fat soluble vitamins, like omega 3’s, vitamin D3, Vitamin E and vitamin A, that stay in the body and stored in the fatty tissue for far longer than water soluble vitamins.

  • What are dietary supplement side effects? Supplement side effects depend upon the supplement, the dose, the individual’s uniqueness and other factors such as liver, kidney and intestinal function. Side effects of fat soluble vitamins are usually nausea, abdominal pain and abnormal liver enzymes. Side effects of water soluble vitamins are rare, but can causes irreversible neuropathy from too much vitamin B6.

  • What are the benefits of dietary supplements? Supplements can help close the gap between your need for healthy foods relative to your health goals and issues.

  • Dr. Wald is the author of over 10 books and the host of a weekly radio show on called, Ask The BlooDDetective. Dr. Michael Wald most popular book is the Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Nutritional Tests.

  • This 500-page textbook on blood work and nutrition make the overwhelming case that YES in fact almost all of us require nutrition above and beyond even the most healthy of diets.

  • But how do you know what nutritional supplements you need to stay well, treat disease and age as well as possible? Dr. Wald has answers – and as the BlooDDetective, he has some unique ways in which to determine how much of what nutritional supplements are best and when.

Here is what Dr. Wald recommends as the primary ways to get it right!

Dr. Wald literally invented the Blood Logic System – this is a computer program that he has developed over the course of more than 10 years to help find out what nutritional supplements and foods you may need to get and stay well. Here is what this software helps Dr. Wald to do for your health concerns…

  • Your regular blood work, even the so-called normal tests, are used to compare to what Dr. Wald calls “healthier” or “functional” blood ranges. The blood ranges of tests like glucose, cholesterol and BUN are comparing you to men or women in your age bracket…not healthy people in your age bracket and sex.

  • If your blood work is essentially normal, like so many of Dr. Wald’s patients tell him other doctors said, then Dr. Wald compares you to a healthier standard – this allows information about your nutritional and health needs that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Dr. Wald also takes a detailed health history of your concerns – often revealing even more about your nutritional needs.

Traditional medicine has only remedial training in nutrition and is trained in only the RDA (minimal) governmental requirements of various nutrients to prevent nutritional deficiency.

Dr. Wald also uses additional tools to determine how you should eat and what nutritional supplements to take. These include:

  • Careful health history and review of symptoms and signs

  • By using many focused health-nutritional questionnaires

  • Visual inspection that helps provide additional and potentially supportive information regarding nutritional issues.

    • For example, dry skin, constipation and bumps on the back of your arms often means that you have a low thyroid and an increased need for omega 3 fatty acids.

    • Balding in men and an enlarged prostate with high cholesterol also means an increased need for omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and magnesium.

    • Overweight in women with large hips as opposed to belly often means increased risk of ovarian cancer and a large number of nutritional compounds associated with this potential health problems.

  • We often use dozens of different nutritional markers, standard and advanced laboratory testing and other non-blood technologies to help “put all of the pieces together”

  • Ongoing research using the National Library of Medicine and the Cochrane Database

  • Years of clinical experience, nearly 30-years at the time of this writing along with extensive education and commitment to helping people get well is what sets Dr. Wald apart from the rest!

Eleven Key Concepts for Success – How to take your nutritional supplements

  • Because nutritional supplements do not require a doctor’s prescription or medical supervision, “officially speaking” many people are misled into thinking the supplements  can do no harm.

  • On the contrary, nutrients are chemicals that have a great potential for benefit or harm.  Although nutritional supplements are far safer than non-prescription or prescription drugs, they may still may have significant effects upon the body.

  • Therefore, nutritional supplements should be based on your unique needs (age, genetics, other medications, symptoms, disease(s), diet, stress, exercise levels, etc.); otherwise their effects may range from useless to harmful.

Even the most organically grown foods are depleted in nutrition…nutritional supplementation helps close the gap.

Dr. Michael Wald, DC, Board Certified Nutritionist

Please keep the above concepts in mind while you familiarize yourself with, and attempt to follow, the general guidelines below to help maximize your nutritional results.

  1. Keep your supplement containers out of direct light.
  2. Keep your supplements away from heat.  Room temperature or refrigeration are ideal storage methods.
  3. After opening your supplement containers close them tightly.
  4. When using powered supplements that are meant to be mixed with fluids, be sure not to allow water to enter into the supplement bottle.  Water or other fluids may contribute to inactivation of the powered supplement.
  5. Take your supplements based on the directions on each bottle unless you have been given a other instructions.
  6. Take your supplements with foods unless instructed otherwise.
  7. Take all of your morning supplements at the same time.  The same is true for your noon and PM dosages.
  8. If you experience symptoms or other difficulties taking all of your supplements as directed, discontinue them and let us know immediately or:
    1. Stop all supplements until your symptoms have resolved, and then…
    2. Take only one tablet or capsule of only a single type of supplement for two days.  Then, if your tolerance is good.
    3. Add one more type of supplement each day until you are taking all supplements originally suggested, but only one of each supplement. Add the full dose of each supplement one at a time over the course of one or more weeks (i.e., if you are taking ten different supplements, introduce your full dose over the course of ten days).
  9. If you are forgetting to take a portion of your daily supplements, consider using a pillbox; keep one box at home and one at work.
  10. Please do not take supplements that have not been specifically recommended for you,  as you are altering the nutritional “recipe.”  Supplements can conflict and compete with one another, thus decreasing their effectiveness.
  11. Not all supplement companies are alike.  Do not substitute another brand of a particular nutrient if you run out.  For example, a supplement from one company may differ significantly from another in terms of strength, quality and biologic activity – and you WOULD NOT be able to tall by reading the label.

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