Preventative Care

  • Is it ever too late to use nutrition and natural approaches to cancer and chronic disease? Prevention is where it’s at, but if you have disease now it is never too late to get on the road to being healthy again!
  • What nutrition is best for disease? The body needs the right foods, nutritional supplements and other lifestyle factors in place to get the job of natural healing done.
  • How can Dr. Michael Wald help you with nutrition? Dr. Michael Wald, the Blooddetective, helps get you on the right path by investigating your dietary and nutritional supplement needs – but there’s more! According to Dr. Wald, “I feel it’s important to examine the physical environment that people live in to discover if there are toxic components, electromagnetic or other emotional influences upon health and healing. Dr. Wald’s Blooddetective approach is a comprehensive endeavor meant to reduce disease risk and extend life during the non-disability stage living – the period of time that we are most active.  Preventative oriented testing, questionnaires consultation by Dr. Wald and you help unfold your health maintenance plan of action.

Prevention is best, but not always possible.  Dr. Wald is all about treatment of health problems and prevention

America’s health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention.

  • Preventative health care is much more than just visiting your doctor for a cursory physical examination. Research has shown that the medical examination is nearly useless for prevention or at least is woefully incomplete as a measure for discovering hidden health problems.
  • However, is there a way to look deeper for those wishing to offset their risk of developing one of the several most common diseases that plague Americans. The Blood Detective Longevity approach, developed by Dr. Michael Wald, may be one of the most comprehensive preventative strategies that you can take to love better.
  • Here is what Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective, provides towards maximizing quality of life and length of life by offsetting early risk of morbidity (disability) and mortality (death):
  • Dr. Wald earned the name Blood Detective because he is good at looking deeper into your body chemistry for the purpose of resolving health issues that may have been missed by other, albeit well-intentioned, health care providers.
  • Dr. Wald’s methods of investigations coupled with his 28 years of clinical experience can take you to the next level of information so that you can take daily steps to maximize the quality of your life.
  • Dr. Wald practices what he preaches utilizing the very same investigations and natural methods that he would teach you.

The Blood Detective Longevity Plan, the brain-child of Dr. Wald, is how he gets the job of living a high quality life for as long as possible.

Here is what it includes: 

Longevity is built one step at a time…and maintained through important lifestyle habits.  

The Blood Detective™ Concierge Longevity Plan A Roadmap for Healing

The term Blood Detective™ exemplifies our “never give up” attitude for those who seek us out to help them find natural and/or traditional healing solutions naturally using advanced technologies, such as our patent-pending Blood DetectiveTM blood interpretation technology designed by Dr. Michael Wald. Dr. Wald is known nationally as the Blood Detective as a sought after health expert having appeared on ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT with Diane Sawyer, Channel 11 Pix, Channel Five Fox National News as well as many other television, radio and written periodicals. The reason is because Dr. Michael Wald and his colleagues have created a system that approaches your health concerns in an organized fashion within the context of holistic-mindedness.

Food is life, but life is love…The right health plan can go far.

What Our Blood Detective Approach “Stands For” – WHAT WE STAND FOR!

The acronym for our approach is found within our Blood Detective™ name itself. This acronym expresses what we are all about, and how we have grounded ourselves so that we can provide you with the greatest potential for natural healing solutions. We strongly believe that, “it’s impossible to get where you want to go unless you have a roadmap and a plan. Our “plan” is described below.

Each letter in the Word, “B L O O D D E T E C T I V E” speaks for itself…

Five expressions found within the word, B L O O D

Balanced approach

We call ourselves, “Integrated” Medicine of Mount Kisco. We are not merely holistic or alternative or complementary in our healing methods and thus our perspective. None of these terms, by themselves, represent our message which is simply this…that there is much to learn and practice in all areas of health and disease care. It is our intention to bring a balanced approach so that you can truly choose how you want to reach or maintain your health and well being.

Laboratory Testing

We all know the value of carefully focused laboratory blood tests. You probably have had blood tests performed by one or more health care providers in your journey to stay and get well. We approach our patient’s needs often recommending blood tests, and other non-blood evaluations, that are more commonly performed by several health care providers, separately with little to no coordination of care and consideration. Not only do we test far more comprehensively than many health care providers, we also interpret your results within our BLOOD DETECTIVETM approach described here.  We believe that our approach offers us with a greater possibility of helping you achieve your health goals.  We compare your blood results to “clinical ranges” and “functional” or “healthy ranges”. Clinical ranges are the blood ranges that you are used to seeing on a typical printout of your blood test results; you are compared to ranges of “normal” of seemingly well individuals in the population.  These clinical ranges are useful for obvious health problems, but are not perfect and often appear “normal” even when you are not feeling well and/or when your doctor says to you, “Sorry, your blood tests are normal…I can’t help you.”  Research in many areas of health care has indicated that the “normal or clinical” ranges are often inappropriate and need readjusting to keep up with new discoveries, and…”health goals” as opposed to disease-detection. In short, the Blood DetectiveTM technologies often uses different ranges of “normal” that Dr. Wald calls, “functional, healthy or optimal”  that may provide an additive or alternative interpretation of your so called, “normal” blood results.


Although our bias is to first consider dietary and lifestyle methods of healing, sometimes we combine our approach integrating medication(s) and perspectives and modalities found in many different healing systems. Some of our considerations include: food plans, stress-management, various forms of nutritional supplements, exercise recommendations and referral to other health care providers when necessary; always offering ourselves to communicate with all whom you choose to work with. We will never “put down” conventional medical therapies and approaches as we feel this would be an ignorant and selfish position. We frown upon other health care providers who willingly or unwittingly limit your health care choices – whether they are sourced within the medical or natural healing arts.  Ultimately, it’s your choice what, and who, you involve in partnership into your healing plan.


Opportunity is born out of choice. Our Integrated approach to health and wellness provides you with a greater array of choices ranging from medical and natural medicine. Our Blood DetectiveTM Longevity Program melds all that we have to offer you creating something entirely new…an opportunity to create a tailored program for you that you cannot find in a book!  In fact, our Blood Detective report is literally a book; summarizing our nutritional interpretation of your blood work. And, this “book” is created just for you!

Dr. Michael Wald, aka The Blood Detective

Our health care team provides thorough consultations and we use extensive symptom and disease-oriented questionnaires so that we may “Integrate” our Blood DetectiveTM technology findings.  This objective approach, along with our healthcare providers combined effort brings both an objective perspective as well as our subjective opinions as to how your health concerns should be managed.

Eight More Ways In Which We Try to Help You Found Within The Word…



We make no promises or guarantees that we will help all of our patients, but we do promise to try our very best!


We are highly qualified in our respective fields holding several certifications in medicine, natural health and nutrition. Our commitment and dedication to your health matches our dedication to our personal health and wellbeing. Therefore, we continually teach, take continuing education programs, develop new technologies and/or employ new ideas.  We are not afraid to improve ourselves for both your and our health.  We study long hours. A special part of our personalized approach for our patient includes researching your particular symptoms and signs (your health issues) in context with the results of our testing; then, we reach on medical data bases such as the National Library of Medicine to determine the latest findings and breakthroughs that we can apply specially to you.  Our dedication to research is often very extensive and is a source of continued learning for us that further benefits you.


We literally invented the Blood DetectiveTM software that allows us to nutritionally interpret dozens and dozens of pieces of laboratory data in a coherent way supporting our comprehensive “Integrated Approach” to your health and that of your family and friends.


We really do try and put ourselves in your position. We understand that your life has been affected significantly and dramatically. We know that you may not often enjoy life and cannot participate the way that you want to. We have been sick ourselves at times in our lives and will think of you as family forwarding our determination to help you. Although we cannot take your place, we remind ourselves each day what a gift life is and how much you value your life; your family, friends and interests.

Concierge, Communication & Choice

Our Concierge approach allows for you to make us aware via email, through our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and consultations as well as through Skype or phone what your thoughts, feelings and concerns are. Few health care practices provide such a wide range of communication opportunities.  We make ourselves available to you to maximize your road to wellness.


We not only use our Blood DetectiveTM technology, but we have available to you other technologies that help us gain greater insight and specifics regarding how to help you. For example, we use ultrasound rather than radiation for our bone density testing; we employ body composition testing as a “biomarker” test for morbidity and mortality prediction…so that we know if our positive results with you are potentially adding to your longevity by reducing your risk of dying prematurely from preventable health issues; by delaying their onset.  We often use dozens of different biomarker tests so that we can demonstrate to you, and to us, that our and your efforts are helping you live well in the long term.  We have many other technologies available to you that are described within the Services section of this website.

Investigative Research & Integrative Team Work

We pride ourselves on our ability to better our own knowledge, and thus your own, by researching your health issues even if we have dealt with your particular concerns many times before. This way, we make significant strides towards helping to set the standard in our profession and keep at pace with many healing and health opportunities.  Medical data bases, providing continuing education to health care providers and Integrating all that we know “into the mix” allows us to maintain a high level of results and integrity.

Vitality – We practice what we preach!

Dr. Wald himself is a marathon runner completing his fastest marathon at age 47 in 3 hours and 44 minutes and his fastest half marathon in 1 hour and 34 minutes (and a few seconds). His time in his half marathon is faster than his fastest time achieved in the same race 10 years prior!  This level of personal fitness and vitality exemplars that Dr. Wald is serious about what he does for himself and his patients. Dr. Wald is also a brown-belt in karate and enjoys weight lifting. Dr. Wald says, “My goal is to maintain and continually improve my health so that I can enjoy life to its fullest.”


Mental and physical energy is not something that the health care providers or staff of Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, P.C. lack.  When you visit with us you will find our enthusiasm, love and dedication for you and what we do contagious!
In closing, we warmly welcome you to explore with us our “Blood DetectiveTM Concierge Longevity Approach.  Please feel free to contact us today to explore the many healing methods and approaches that we offer.  After all, you are unique and you deserve an approach that feels right!
Looking forward to meeting you soon!
Dr. Michael Wald


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