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Dr. Michael Wald, author of the upcoming book Frankenfoods Controversy, Lies & Your Health available April 2014, offers a riveting perspective of the GMO predicament exploring governmental and industry cover-ups, health dangers, environmental threats, GMO-free food plans and recipes, nutritional supplements and other practical solutions.  Dr. Wald declares, “The GMO dilemma is here to stay and anyone interested in protecting their health and that of their loved ones, friends and the planet, must educate themselves and take political and personal action right now!”  Considering the importance of this information Dr. Wald asks that you re-tweet his GMO links and follow him on Twitter –  @DrMichaelWald. Thank you.

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Frankenfoods — Controversy, Lies and Health Risks is my first organized attempt to answer many questions the public, my patient population and I share regarding the potential health risks, environmental impacts and political implications of introducing genetically modified organisms (GMO) or foods (GMF) into our environment and our bodies. Throughout this book the term GMO and Frankenfoods will refer to all genetically modified foods.

As a natural health care provider for nearly 25 years, I have treated patients, educated the public, attended scientific symposia and researched hundreds of topics that involve staying healthy, delaying the onset of disease and improving overall quality of life for people. I predict that the GMO controversy will continue for many years, making it necessary for each of us to become educated on this issue so that we can decide our stance on GMOs and what we should eat. From a human health perspective, I fear that the quality and length of life for people who consume toxic GMOs will be adversely affected. My research has convinced me that some people will endure vague and fleeting symptoms with no obvious cause, and ultimately, over years and even decades, will suffer from severe health issues such as cancer, intestinal problems, fertility issues, fatigue, memory problems and other health disturbances as a direct result of consuming GMOs. Doctors and scientific researchers will attempt to treat these symptoms with other toxic compounds…namely pharmaceutical drugs (some of which contain GMO ingredients)…thus continuing the cycle of symptom suppression and disease in exchange for medication side effects, even though natural solutions are often readily available. As a population we are being force fed foods that have been manipulated unnaturally in a laboratory and are presumed to be safe for human consumption with no scientific evidence of their short- or long-term safety.

Genetic modification of our food supply has the potential to cause devastating health risks. Some of the ways in which GMOs may cause illness and chronic disease include:

  • Ingestion of foods our bodies have not adapted to because of their recent introduction into the human food chain
  • Indirect health risks and serious environmental impacts, as cross-contamination between GMOs and unintended plants and animals in the surrounding and distant environment can and have already occurred
  • Increased cancers and various autoimmune diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus; inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis; and hormonal problems stemming from effects upon our DNA (genetic material) and immune system

Nutritional content is dozens to thousands of times lower in farm-grown crops as opposed to the wild-type food counterparts. GMOs are all farm-grown and therefore are significantly inferior to non-GMO wild-type plants. GMOs, as I have described throughout this book, are more nutrient deficient compared to the wild-type organic plants, carry potentially greater toxins and allergens and may promote antibiotic resistance – and these health impacts are just the “tip of the iceberg.”

Dangers to our health from GMO consumption simply cannot be ruled out at this time, and in fact, reasonable scientific evidence and real-life experiences suggest right now that GMOs can and do pose potentially serious health risks. Some health issues will be obvious, but most will be hidden from view in the short-term only to manifest as familiar symptoms and diseases. Most will likely go unrecognized by conventional physicians and the scientific community as resulting from a lifetime of GMO consumption.

Frankenfoods — Controversy, Lies and Health Risks is not a complete review of GMOs, but it is the only book I know of that breaks down many of the important health, political and environmental issues in a question and answer format. Many good books on GMOs are available, but mine is the only source of GMO education that suggests natural ways, in terms of foods and nutritional supplements, to deal with our inevitable exposure to GMOs. Please see a list of suggested reading material at the end of this book. Read as much as you can on this topic if you desire to become better educated, develop a balanced and rational perspective on the GMO issue and become a part of the solution. Sadly, many of my patients, family members, friends and even complete strangers with whom I have spoken about the GMO controversy have little or no knowledge of this issue…an issue that not only will impact them personally and their loved ones and friends, but may pose health risks to all future generations.

The controversy is essentially this: Various governments, government organizations (e.g., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), GMO scientists and manufacturers of GMO seeds (e.g., Monsanto) ignored and deny the potential dangers to the world environment and human health solely for profit. Have there been cover-ups? Are we victims of false-science? Frankenfoods — Controversy, Lies and Health Risks covers many fundamentals you must know to protect your health, your family’s health and the environment in which you live. I believe that we have all been victims of deceit and misrepresentations regarding the safety and environmental impacts of GMOs, and throughout this book I provide many examples of how this has occurred. I am convinced that cover-ups abound and continue to poison us from many influences, including the industrial complex, scientific circles and within the political arena.

Has appropriate scientific study proved beyond reasonable doubt that GMOs are safe for human consumption and the environment? I say no. Rigorous and unbiased scientific study is lacking, and the limited study to date supports the concept that GMOs should not have been introduced into our food supply. To paraphrase a geneticist on this topic, one who doubts the uncertainty of the impact of GMOs upon human health and the environment must be either ignorant or plain stupid!

Do GMOs pose strong health risks that overwhelm the potential benefits of GMOs? Has it been established that GMOs are safe in the short- and long-term for human consumption? Have political and financial motivations corrupted and blinded organizations such as the FDA, manufacturers of GMO seeds, the White House and other influential parties to the human health risks? Are these same organizations that we are supposed to trust to police industry for health and safety violations themselves guilty, either directly or indirectly, for slowly poisoning our bodies and our environment, condemning future generations to unprecedented disease and disability?

Frankenfoods — Controversy, Lies and Health Risks will help guide you towards a clearer and more insightful understanding of the current issues involving GMOs. By reading this book you have taken an essential step towards enlightening yourself, but whether you take additional action or not, the GMO controversy is here to stay. You most likely have already been adversely affected by it. GMOs can steal your health, like a parasite that has crept its way into your food, body and environment, in subtle and substantial ways over the course of your life…and will continue to do so unless eliminated.

I have helped my patients through many health problems that stem from various environmental exposures such as chemicals sprayed on our foods, heavy metal contamination, gluten malabsorption, food allergies, food-borne infections, unnaturally processed and denatured food. These food horrors have a super-additive effect, stealing our quality and length of life. I believe these health threats pale in comparison to the risk of GMO consumption.

We have been unwittingly exposed to the most pervasive food and nutritional influence upon our health that has ever existed. But all is not lost. Arm yourself with information and you will develop the resources essential to reverse this dangerous situation we are all being forced to deal with now…namely, the introduction and uncertainty of GMOs.







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