Why Improve Your Nutrition?

“The body heals best when its nutritional balance is optimum. Without adequate high quality nutrition the body cannot adequately manage inflammation, tissue repair or any form of health building for that matter”, according to Dr Wald. Some of my patients can make the dietary changes that they need to heal, but it still may not be enough. Disease and illness often increases our nutritional requirements and a combination of a healthy diet (for the particular person), along with properly balanced and high quality nutritional supplements, can  “jump start” and maintain a strong healing response. 

Healthy proteins, carbs and fats form the fundamental nutritional needs regardless of the health problem(s), more or less. Then use of the correctly chosen and balanced nutritional supplements help to provide the specific nutritional compounds for healing to occur. Dr. Wald also employs his technique of “nutritional interpretation of blood” to more exactly determine and provide his patients with whatever nutritional factors that their healing response requires. 

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