Wald uses technology to uncover hidden health solutions

Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective, Uses Patented Technology to Uncover Hidden Nutritional Health Solutions

Dr. Michael Wald

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Blood can reveal far more than what is typically discovered through the bloodwork done at a traditional doctor’s office, says Dr. Michael Wald. A doctor of chiropractic with two board certifications in nutrition and 30 years of clinical experience, Wald uses his BloodDetective technology to interpret large amounts of laboratory data for hidden nutritional health solutions.

“Blood type is only one lab parameter,” he says. “I often combine 25 or more lab tests using the BloodDetective software, which compares the results to those of healthy people—not just the average clinical lab ranges that traditional medical doctors use.”

For example, Wald’s standard screening includes tests for blood pH, malabsorption and inflammation. He uses the results to create personalized natural treatment plans, which might also include advice on diet, nutritional supplementation, stress reduction, sleep and other lifestyle issues.

Recently Wald explained how blood testing informs his holistic approach to health.

Why is it important to compare bloodwork to the “healthy” rather than “average” range?

Even most medical doctors are unaware that the blood ranges provided on traditional blood test reports are based upon “average” people, not healthy people. Statistical averages come from the general population of blood donors—not from people with the healthiest hormone levels, cholesterol levels and other blood tests. And the average blood donor isn’t too healthy.

For example, the average cholesterol level is 0 to 200 mg/dL. This range gives us the high levels of cardiovascular disease that’s still the number one killer of men and women. People in the healthy range—160 mg/dL to 185 mg/dL—have much lower cardiovascular risk and death. The average T3 thyroid hormone level is 130 pg/dL to 450 pg/dL, but the healthy range is 175 pg/dL to 350 pg/dL.

 If your lab results are compared only to the average ranges, important health information can be missed. Tighter blood-test ranges make the difference between average and healthy.

Why do you regularly test for blood pH, malabsorption and inflammation?

Medical education and therefore medical practice is disjointed and compartmentalized, leading to incomplete medical care. Each specialty tends to run its own set of blood tests. If a health problem is outside that specialty, the patient is referred to a new doctor who performs a different set of tests.

The thinking, training and health approaches of traditional medical physicians are simply different from mine. My goal is to provide a wide range of tests when necessary, going beyond the “standard tests” way of thinking and overly focused health care.

Monitoring blood pH is essential to health and healing—that’s usually not true of saliva or urine. Testing for malabsorption is essential too; if someone doesn’t absorb normally, even the best health recommendations will fall short. And although we know that inflammation is at the root of most health problems, inflammation testing is not often performed or interpreted nutritionally.

Your approach to diagnosis and treatment is a process. When someone comes to you with a health concern, what’s a realistic timeline for getting answers and lasting relief?

Healing time depends upon the conditions, how well the patient complies with my suggestions, and how they individually respond to care. Once I see an individual for the first time, I have a pretty good idea of how long my recommendations should take to work. I start with a detailed holistic consultation. Then I superimpose my 30 years of experience and education, along with various questionnaires, to help me narrow in on the problems at hand. At this point I’m aware of what testing, if any, I will recommend, and I’ll interpret many of the lab results within my BloodDetective philosophy.

Location: The Office of Dr. Michael Wald, DC, Board Certified Nutritionist, 29 King St., 2nd Floor, Chappaqua, NY. For more info, call 914.552.1442, email info@blooddetective.com or visit DrMichaelWald.com.

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