Unique Compound in Mangosteen Found to Kill Breast Cancer Cells

Unique Compound in Mangosteen Found to Kill Breast Cancer Cells

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Research shows healthful compounds found in mangosteen, a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, hold promise in the fight against breast cancer. A recent study discovers the fruit can cause the death of human breast cancer cells, and earlier investigations reveal it can stop the proliferation of malignant cells in a lab dish and even shrink the cancerous breast tumors of mice. Since the results are so positive, it makes you wonder why the allopathic medical community isn’t embracing this and other potential natural cancer cures.

With the rising incidence of cancer, interest in using dietary intervention to attack the disease or slow its development is growing. One food with the most potential is mangosteen, as it is believed to be the only dietary source of a class of polyphenols called xanthones, compounds that are believed to have powerful anticancer properties. It is these effects, as well as the apparent safety involved, that make the fruit a good candidate for scientific exploration.

Current Study

The focus of research published in Molecular Cancer is the process of fatty acid synthesis (FAS), which is over expressed in human breast cancer cells and therefore, has become a target for the treatment of the disease. Scientists found one of the xanthones contained in mangosteen effectively curtailed this over-expression, a benefit that led to the death of malignant breast cells.

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