The Acid-Based Balance Lie Part I

Part I: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

An eye-opening Question & Answer Session

with Dr. Michael Wald, aka, The Blood Detective

Here are the most common misconceptions about pH or acid base balance – and, Dr. Michael Wald, aka, The Blood Detective’s, response.

Acid-alkaline balance may be important to your health, but everything that you think you know about it may be entirely wrong! 

Dr. Michael Wald, Supervisor of Longevity Medicine at Integrated Medicine in Mount Kisco is the author of The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Laboratory Tests and an international lecturer on all matters involving blood and lab testing. “Dr. Wald has been nicknamed the Blood Detective for his highly developed skills at getting to the cause(s) of health problems after his patients have visited many other qualified health care practitioners before him. “I can tell you that there are many wrong ideas out there…and the ‘pH lie’ is at the top of my list of wrong ideas that delay or worsen many people’s health”.

“Get ready to understand how important it is to understand pH if you want to stay healthy or beat your health problem – no matter how bad it is”, explains Dr. Wald.

Basic stuff YOU SHOULD KNOW before you read the questions posed to Dr. Wald and his responses:

  •    Blood pH range is 7.35 – 7.45
  • Urine pH range is 6.5 – 7.0
  • Saliva pH range is 6.5 – 7.5
  • No single pH measurement is a “window into the bodies pH”
  •  pH stands for “power of hydrogen” – The more acidic a solution is the greater the concentration of hydrogen ions and the greater a solutions alkalinity the greater the concentration of hydroxyl ions

Misconception – “I should be alkaline because this allows for less disease and better health.”

Blood Detective’s Response – This statement is wrong because a healthy person is alkaline in their mouth, acid in their stomach, alkaline in their small intestine, slightly acidic in the colon just left of a neutral pH in their blood and on the acid side in the urine. This is basic chemistry. All of the body tissues add to the over all pH requirements (and they are different), depending upon what area of the body we are talking about. This wrong thinking has mislead many people causing them to waste years on fruitless health efforts.”

Misconception – “If I eat alkaline I will become alkaline.”

Blood Detective’s Response – “No. ‘Becoming alkaline’ has no meaning…read the my first explanation above. If a person eats alkaline foods this does not always translate into alkaline even in the areas of the body that we should be alkaline (like the mouth and the small intestine). This is because the body responds in complex ways that may prevent alkalinity from happening. Also, we are not what we eat; so, eating alkaline may not happen. A person could eat an acid food like a steak that provides proteins that may help repair the pancreas so that this endocrine gland can produce sodium bicarbonate that then is released into the small intestine promoting alkalinity!”

Misconception – “Diseases overall, like cancers, happen because the body is too acidic promoting inflammation and cancer cells.”

Blood Detective’s Response – “Cancer happens for lots of reasons, but NOT because the blood is acid. I have measured blood pH on those with cancer for years and an acid blood is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LIFE and does not happen. What might happen is that the blood pH may become reduced (towards the acid side, but NEVER becomes true acid. We do know that the area right around a tumor often becomes acid, but this is a very different thing then the blood, that can be measure with a pH meter (I have one of these), becoming acid. Blood pH should normally lie between 7.3-7.45; below 7.3 is towards acid and acid is under 6 – this only happens in people who are fatally ill. A pH above or approaching 8 is considered alkaline and is rare unless caused by a doctor. The goal, I believe is to move the ph only slightly above 7.5.

Misconception – “Being alkaline promotes detoxification.”

Blood Detective’s Response – “This is partly true; an alkaline urine helps the body get rid of certain drugs and environmental toxins, but a lower pH (towards acid) helps eliminate many other toxins. Any detox effort must attempt to move the pH of the urine or stool or blood in the direction that favors elimination of a specific toxin(s). the promotion of “general detox: program are silly because many all cells in the body add to the pH of the body –a thorough METABOLIC PROFILE, like my Blood Detective Longevity Panel, creates a Metabolic Map by measuring over 75 different factors that reflect body function.”

Misconception – “The best way to check acid-alkaline balance is in the urine or saliva.”

Blood Detective’s Response – “The best way to check pH in the urine or saliva is to check the urine or saliva. BUT, the urine and saliva change their pH in RESPONSE to organ changes like kidneys and lungs mostly, but also from the liver, cardiovascular, lymphatic, skin and other tissues. Blood pH does it’s best to maintain a very tight pH of around 7.5 and can only do this by THROWING OFF acid and alkaline products in the urine and/or saliva – and thus changing their pH’s. What I do is adjust nutrition and lifestyle to move pH in the directions in the saliva, urine and blood depending upon the health of the persons detox organs, the toxin(s) in question and other factors. Remember, pH is NOT the cause of itself changing, but a response to many physiologic changes throughout the body.”

Misconception – “Acid-Base food charts provide accurate food recommendations to change the bodies acid-base balance towards alkaline.”

Blood Detective’s Response – “They might do this, but it is not only what we eat that influences acid-alkaline in the body, but other influences including: absorption, stomach acid levels, enzyme levels, intestinal flora levels, breathing patters and various diseases.”

Misconception – “Juicing healthy green’s and multi-colored veggies promotes alkalinity in the body.”

Blood Detective’s Response – “Maybe. No doubt healthy – I juice every single day multiple times, but I have patients who have done the same thing and their saliva, blood and urine pH is not healthy and therefore neither are they. It is not only what we eat, but how we digest, absorb and utilize what we eat…plus other stuff.

The Blood Detective’s approach to maintaining health and disease-treatment is the brainchild of Dr. Wald and involves several components including:

                Longevity Health & Nutrient Questionnaires

                A Nutritional Visual Examination

                A comprehensive laboratory panel called the Blood Detective’s Longevity Panel – a combination of blood tests meant to develop a “metabolic map” of the body – that is covered by health insurance. Aspects of every organ system that contributes to health, disease and the pH problem is included

                And Dr. Wald’s “holistic intuition” that puts it all together


About Dr. Michael Wald – aka, The Blood Detective

Dr. Wald earned his medical degree and is a licensed doctor of chiropractic. He is double-board certified in nutrition, is a registered Dietician-Nutritionist, a Certified Nutritional Specialist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and Certified Personal Trainer and holds a masters degree in nutrition.

His latest book, Frankenfoods – GMO Dangers is a hit on Amazon. He is the author of the landmark book, The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Tests and is the originator of the Blood Detective computer technology that interprets over 170 aspects of a persons chemistry for hidden nutritional needs.

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