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Blood Lab Testing and Nutrition

Not all lab tests are the same. Physicians of a given field of medicine tend to run specific groups of tests for their specialty; and the problem with this approach and structure of medicine is that often the “big picture” is missed. Dr. Wald’s approach is not limited to performing limited tests within a specialty, but instead includes ordering various tests that provide the “whole picture” of a person’s chemistry. According to Dr. Wald, “first I start with a detailed health and nutritional history and then I decide which tests, from whatever specialty, is needed for me to “see” the patient as they are – as holistic in design.

The “right tests” for the right person involves listening to what you are experiencing and then applying natural and nutritional therapies against your symptoms and your lab results. However, the most important difference with Dr. Wald’s approach is that he often includes in his personalized approach for his patients a nutritional interpretation of blood test results compared to “healthy people”.

Your typical blood tests that are often ordered by your doctor are derived by comparing the various blood levels of average populations of people – like those who donate blood. These “seemingly” healthy people may, and often do, have one or more diseases present, but go unappreciated in that the “average” blood test result ranges on your blood tests are not based upon “healthy people”, but merely seemingly well people.

“There is no wonder why we are seeing more and more disease over time – doctors have been comparing people to “average” or what is known as “clinical ranges” instead of comparing their patients against “healthy” ranges. The healthy ranges are derived from studies of healthy people so that the optimal or ideal blood range (healthy) can be used to compare a person’s blood work against – often revealing hidden health issues; this is what Dr. Wald calls a “nutritional interpretation of blood work. “I have seen patients that have been either incorrectly or misdiagnosed such that, when I perform a nutritional interpretation of their blood, hidden health and nutritional problems are revealed. This leads me to create personalized and focused nutritional solutions to health problems.”

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