Bacterially Contaminated GMO-Tainted Tryptophan


Dr. Michael Wald, author of the upcoming book Frankenfoods – Controversy, Lies & Your Health available April 2014, offers a riveting perspective of the GMO predicament exploring governmental and industry cover-ups, health dangers, environmental threats, GMO-free food plans and recipes, nutritional supplements and other practical solutions.  Dr. Wald declares, “The GMO dilemma is here to stay and anyone interested in protecting their health and that of their loved ones, friends and the planet, must educate themselves and take political and personal action right now!”  Considering the importance of this information Dr. Wald asks that you re-tweet his GMO links and follow him on Twitter –  @DrMichaelWald. Thank you.

In 1989, 37 people died in the U.S. and 1,500 were permanently disabled from consuming tryptophan, an amino acid food supplement. As it turns out, the Japanese manufacturer of the tryptophan used a new manufacturing process involving GM bacteria without alerting any of its suppliers. The toxic tryptophan was produced at a single Japanese facility and sold in the U.S. under several different brand names – so at first it seemed that the tryptophan itself was the problem and not the GM bacterial contamination. The contaminated tryptophan caused some of those who consumed the amino acid to develop a serious condition called eosinophilia myalgia syndrome or EMS, an incurable condition that is often fatal, producing flu-like neurological symptoms. I was just a boy when my father, a chiropractor and nutritionist, had recommended tryptophan to a patient who then developed all of the symptoms of EMS and was seriously ill and hospitalized. At the time, my father could not have known that the problem was not the tryptophan, but the Bacterially Contaminated GMO-Tainted Tryptophan.

The FDA claimed the tryptophan itself was the problem, when in actuality it was the bacterially-GMO processed tryptophan that caused the EMS. Tryptophan was removed from the commercial vitamin supplement market, even though tryptophan had been used without incident by hundreds of thousands of people without apparent incident. Eventually, tryptophan was allowed to return to the market, after years of public outcry forced the FDA to release its foothold on tryptophan. Many of those in the natural health care industry believed that the FDA had inappropriately blamed the supplement rather than the contamination process, using this example as justification to attack the vitamin industry as a whole.

The health effects of the GM bacteria-tainted tryptophan occurred fairly abruptly, allowing health authorities to quickly identify this health threat. In my experience, a public health epidemic must be obvious, severe and otherwise clearly demonstrate that a crisis is at hand before health authorities take action. Without an epidemic by this definition, public health issues often go unrecognized and/or are disguised as health problems that are diluted within a population’s general health issues. The reason for the lack of clinical suspicion on the part of physicians is that they, generously speaking, are not thinking from a community-health mindset, but rather with a focus on individual patients, and are not considering GMO influences. With this mindset, I predict the medical community will fail to recognize and address both acute and chronic health problems stemming from GMO consumption, when proponents of GMOs claim that GMOs must be safe because they have been consumed by the public since the 1990s.

There are hundreds of examples of toxic compounds and microorganisms found in our food and water supply that may cause health problems ranging from cancer and infections to intestinal issues and even death. Some of these include E. coli bacteria, various parasites and drug-resistant gonorrhea. Toxic microorganisms and infectious agents inherent in our food supply pose health dangers that are compounded by the introduction of Frankenfoods. Allergens, toxins, altered gene expression and nutritional problems are just some of the health implications we chance by consuming GMOs.

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