GMO’s All Gone!

Phytoestrogens — Anticancer Compounds

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A study done by Anita Bakshi in 2003 showed that a strain of genetically modified soybeans produced lower levels of phytoestrogen compounds. These compounds are believed to protect against heart disease, several autoimmune diseases and cancer. Phytoestrogens belong to a large group of natural phenolic compounds, with the three largest classes being the coumestansprenylflavonoids and isoflavones. Phytoestrogens are not estrogen, but could act in the human body as weak estrogens or estrogen blockers, depending on what the body needs.

The accounts I have investigated regarding GMOs and lower concentrations of phytoestrogens are not precisely correct. GMOs seem to contain a reduced concentration of phytocompounds, not phytoestrogens. Phytocompounds are a large class of phyto- or plant compounds with many diverse, positive health benefits in the human body. Some of these phytocompounds can act as weak estrogens, progesterone and even testosterone. Others help tissues of the body heal from injury, or act as antioxidants, anti-cancer agents, immune regulators and detoxifiers. It is easy to predict that the reduced content of phytocompounds in our food supply will have a detrimental effect on the health of consumers, and at some point, maybe far into the future, manifesting as reduced quality and length of life.  Why is it that I have to produced dehydrated powdered products that are essentially concentrates of dozens and dozens of plants containing healthful ingredients, including phyto-compounds, just so that we can break even with our required nutritional intake (see: Reds Protect, Green Detox and Longevity complete available from Blood Detective Nutritionals at:  The CDC (Center of Disease Control) states that each person should consume at least 5 serving of fruits and vegetables per day. Wow – that’s a lot, but this is what it takes to help us stay healthy. I believe that we need much more than this. Either way, I and the CDC agree that Americans and people all around the world are falling far short of this basic requirement. 

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