10 Key Points for Weight Loss

Dr. Wald’s response to the question: Please tell me 10 ways that can help me lose weight.
Dr. Wald’s response:

“I could provide much better weight loss advice if I knew your age, how much you currently weigh, had a sample of your current diet and exercise level, but I’ll go for it anyway!  Consider the following 10 key points for quick, but safe, weight loss:

1.     Eliminate all saturated fats from red meat and dairy.

2.     No fried foods whatsoever.

3.     Drink a tall glass of water at least five minutes before each meal to stretch your stomach and to send signals to your hypothalamus, where the feeding center in the brain is located, and wait 15 minutes before eating – this will further reduce appetite.

4.    Chew your food until it is essentially liquid: helps with digestion.

5.    Increase your consumption of non-animal proteins such as tempe and tofu, beans, nuts and seeds: make sure that you ear raw sunflower seeds, cashews and almonds and not roasted – roasting saturates the fats!  This is bad!

6.    Eliminate all soda.

8.    Eats several servings per day of vegetables and fruits – high in fiber, no saturated fats, and lots of nutrition.

9.   If you are heart healthy (no heart disease and no other reason not to exercise) do aerobics’ 3-5 times per week: high intensity exercise burns calories and promotes weight gain far better than low intensity exercise. High intensity would be 35 minutes of exercise performed at 75% of your heart rate maximum (u can Google how to calculate your HRM (heart rate max) easily.

10.   Get plenty of rest. Rest permotes a healthy metabolism and fat burning.”

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