Q & A: Seizures, Epilepsy, ADD, Tourettes & other Neurological Disorders

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1. True or False: All of these conditions may have in common, as their cause, infections?
ANSWER: True – Viruses, bacteria, fungi and various parasites may be implicated as a potential cause of all of these
conditions. Testing can help fi gure this out
2. True or False: Tourette’s may be caused in many children by streptococci infection specifi cally?
ANSWER: True – Strep may grow constantly in the nasal passages and produce Tourette’s symptoms seasonally and
then go away. The strep cause an immune reaction that produces antibodies that attack the brain causing symptoms.
3. True or False: Hormonal problems may be involved in seizure activity?
ANSWER: Yes – Defi ciency of testosterone, when associated with seizures, may actually lower (improve) seizure
4. True or False: Urine testing of amino acids and neurotransmitters, and the recommendation of appropriate nutrition
based on these tests, is all that is needed to manage seizures, epilepsy, Attention Defi cit and Tourette’s?
ANSWER: False. Although potentially helpful, urine testing is far from perfect. Also, many other nutrients may help
these conditions that are determined upon other types of testing. Lastly, many scientifi c studies have been done that
provide valuable information regarding potential causes and nutritional strategies for these issues; in many cases
eliminating the need for further testing.
5. True or False: Seizures of unknown origin in children and adults may be caused by genetic problems (in-born errors
of metabolism) that often go untested and untreated.
6. Which of the following nutrients may help Seizures, Epilepsy, Attention Defi cit Disorder and Tourette’s?
a. Omega 3 fatty acids
b. Pyridoxine (B6)
c. Magnesium orotate
d. Amino acids
e. All of the above
ANSWER: All of the above may, more or less, help these conditions. Only symptoms and signs, considered along with
precise lab work, can determine the best combination of nutrition.

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  • siri olsen
    13 years ago

    Can you guide me to more reading on your reference to seizures of unknown origin being caused by genetic problems of metabolism and how you would test for such an issue? I have a 15 year old daughter who has been suffering with unexplained seizures for 3 years now. Thanks

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