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Welcome to the page of Blood Logic, Inc., the company owned by Dr. Michael Wald that provides an easy-to-implement software that creates detailed nutrition and health reports for your patients!

Two Options Make It Easy for You To Brand Yourself as a BloodDetective!

Become the expert that your patients want “fast” by providing detailed nutritional-blood interpretation reports complete with nutritional recommendations in the form of a 10-day or longer food plan and nutritional supplements. Read on to get started today!



A lengthy report, up to 75 pages, chock-full of clinical details regarding your patient’s biochemical individuality. Don’t worry about printing Patient Reports as you can send patients encrypted PDF copies and review the report with them on your computer screen.

The Blood Detective program was created by Dr. Michael Wald – that’s why it’s the best on the market!” – DR. MARK LEDER, DC

Dr. Wald has taken over 30 years of his knowledge and clinical experience and has produced a software program that has been updated almost on a weekly basis for years. You will be hard-pressed to find another program that has been designed to contain the most up-to-date and cutting-edge information on medicine and nutrition. Why?

Not a single other program out there was a sign by a practitioner with a medical education like Dr. Wald. Dr. Wald is also a second-generation chiropractor, a dietitian, a certified nutrition specialist, a certified clinical nutritionist, a sports nutritionist, a personal trainer, he has a master’s degree in nutrition and a Ph.D. Dr. Wald also earned his MD diploma*.

You might be able to find a cheaper program, but not one that will give you the vast knowledge and clinical experience of Dr. Michael Wald all wrapped up in the Blood Logic system.

Below are the main Blood Detective Report Features that both you and your patients will love!

– A printout of how your patients “clinical” laboratory values (those used by commercial labs) compared to “healthy” or “functional” values:

  • Clinical ranges are based upon averages of men and women within different age groups. The Functional or Healthy values are based upon studies in some cases that demonstrate a more “optimal” value compared to the clinical ranges.

  • The healthy/functional values are different than the average “clinical” values and it is these differences that often uncover hidden disease patterns and reveal nutritional and natural solutions.

– Suggestions on additional laboratory and other types of tasks and assessments based upon your patient’s Laboratory results.

– Ten (10) days or more of food suggestions including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert plus recipes provided.

Below are the tests that are interpreted by The BloodDetective Software

If you do not see your test(s) that you would like to have as part of your BloodDetective Report then email Dr. Wald which tests you would like included. All additional tests that are not on the list below will be interpreted at an additional cost of $10 per test.

A/G ratio Fibrinogen Monocyte percentages
Albumin Folic acid, red blood cells Monocytes, absolute
Aldosterone Free, T3 MPV Neutrophil, percentage
Alkaline phosphatase GGT Neutrophils, absolute
ALT (SGPT) Gliadin antibodies, IgA Percent (%) saturation
ANA Gliadin antibodies IgG Phosphorus
Androstenedione Globulin Platelets
AST (SGOT) Glucose Potassium
Basophils, absolute Growth hormone releasing hormone Prolactin
Basophils, percentage HDL PSA
Bicarbonate/CO2 Helicobacter pylori antibodies PTT
Bilirubin, direct Hematocrit RBC (red blood cells)
Bilirubin, indirect Hemoglobin RDW
Blood type A Hemoglobin A-1 C Reticulin antibody
Blood type AB Homocysteine Reverse T3
Blood type B IGF1 (growth hormone) Rheumatoid factor
Blood type O Immunoglobin E SHBG
BUN Immunoglobin G Sodium
BUN/creatinine Immunoglobin, M T3 uptake
Calcium Immunoglobulin A T4, free
Calcium/albumin ratio Calcium/phosphorus ratio INR Testosterone, free saliva
Chloride Insulin, free Testosterone, total plasma
Cholesterol Iron, serum Thyroglobulin antibodies
Cholesterol/HDL ratio LDH Thyroid peroxidase antibodies
Cholesterol/HDL ratio LDL TIBC
Cortisol, free saliva Lipase Total protein
Creatinine Lymphocyte, absolute Total, T3
Creatinine clearance, urine Lymphocytes, percentage Total, T4
Creatinine phosphokinase (CPK) Magnesium, RBC Transferrin saturation
CRP Cardio Magnesium, red blood cell Transglutaminase antibody
DHEA sulfate, plasma Magnesium, serum Triglycerides
DHEA sulfate, saliva Dihydrotestosterone, saliva MCH TSH
Eosinophils, absolute MCHC Uric acid
Eosinophils, percentage MCV Vitamin B12 serum
ESR Mercury, Plasma Vitamin D3
Estradiole, Serum Mercury, RBC White blood cell, total
Ferritin Methylmalonic acid Zinc, red blood cells


Purchase One Report at a Time
You can purchase Blood Detective reports as you need them for $45 each with a minimum of 4 (four) reports prepaid. It’s simple to create detailed patient reports.


LIFE-TIME Purchase of The Blood Detective program
Purchasing a Blood Detective program, in the long run, is the most cost-effective solution for its use.

Lifetime use of the Blood Detective program is $3900 reduced from $4900 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The nutritional interpretation of your patients’ blood work will frequently uncover abnormalities that are not seen when your patients’ results are compared to clinical ranges.

The reason for this is that the blood logic program compares your patients to different ranges. See specific examples plus more scientific validation of “healthy” or “optimal” ranges found in Dr. Wald’s Scientific Paper.

How much would you charge a patient for their BloodDetective Nutritional Report?

“Charge $130 ,$50 or $125/report – whatever you feel is fair.” – Dr. Wald

BRANDING is everything & Branding Your Professional Practice as a BloodDetective Practice is key!

Without appropriate branding a clinical nutritional practice, or any business for that matter, will fail to reach its full potential.

Studies on branding consistently show that when a customer’s experience of your business matches the branding that originally attracted them to your business there is greater customer satisfaction.

The blood logic brand allows you to use the term Blood Detective. If you use the blood detective program you now have the technology support your brand – and this is key for practice success!

If your brand is truly providing personalized care then there is no better way to demonstrate this to your patients’ then to show them how they compare to healthy individuals.

During your ongoing consultations, you will review with the patient the different aspects of there patient Blood Detective report.

Below are other essential aspects that the Blood Detective program delivers…

– The nutritional and medical meaning of the high and low laboratory values.

– Nutritional supplement suggestions, based on one of 12 different nutritional companies programmed into the system, and generic supplements – or based upon your patient’s individual biochemistry.

  • Allergy Research
  • Freeda
  • NutriWest
  • Biotics
  • Key
  • Orthomolecular
  • Standard Process
  • Blood Detective Nutritionals
  • Metagenics
  • Perque
  • Thorne

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