Slow Medicine versus Blood Detective Approach

Is slow medicine a good approach to health? Dr. Wald believes that sometimes healing is slow, and sometimes it is fast, but an approach to wellness that is to “do things slow” puts the health care providers approach above the actual healing potentials of the person in need.

Slow medicine is a term used by Dr. Michael Finkelstein, a medical doctor practicing in Katonah, New York. In short, the term “slow medicine”, according to Dr. Finkelstein, refers to how healing attempts to should focus on the root causes of health problems and that those who are sick should internalize that healing may be a slow process.

Dr. Michael Wald, The Blooddetective, agrees that healing often “takes its own time”, but argues that the concept of “slow” is misleading and often unnecessary. According to Dr. Wald, “healing will take its time – sometimes it will be slow and sometimes it will be fast or in the middle. Fast and slow are of course relative terms. I do not favor imposing on my patients that “slow is the way to go” simply because it is not true. My Blooddetective approach is a very thorough healing approach that includes:

  • A detailed and thorough conversation with the individual in need of natural healthcare.

  • A nutritional interpretation of bloodwork comparing the blood test results to both “average” people and “healthy” people – this is a concept that Dr. Wald originated resulting in his reputation as the Blooddetective; and his invention of the Blooddetective Software enabling Dr. Wald to interpret nearly 200 different lab tests together. A Blooddetective interpretation of blood work often uncovers hidden problems and diagnoses not “obvious” to practitioners that are not expert in Blooddetective lab interpretation.

  • Dr. Wald also uses thorough questionnaires to compare in context with his consultation, Blooddetective lab interpretation and other factors.

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