Longevity Program

A Longevity Program to help you discover how healthy you can be & how young you can feel

  • What are the factors that are longevity? Genetics, environment including sleep, stress, exercise, nutritional supplements, pollution, electromagnetic and radiation are all factors that affect, positively and negatively, your longevity. What is considered longevity? Longevity is how well you live. Length of life and quality of life add to meaningful longevity. Living longer without disability is longevity.
  • How can I increase my longevity? Several dozen nutritional supplements including phytonutrients, along with a vegan diet, 45 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days per week, not smoking or drinking. Performing nutritional blood tests can reveal longevity factors.

If you are interested in longevity then you have come to the right doctor!

Dr. Michael Wald himself practices what he calls, lifestyle longevity practices…& he can teach you what he knows!

Fundamentals of Longevity

Dr. Michael Wald – age 53 in this photo.

So you are interested in living better? Perhaps longer and better? Both are possible, or at least more probable, with proper daily planning. Dr. Wald, shown in the “muscle shot” on the right at age 53, is interested in feeling young and participating fully in life both physically and mentally. “How do I do it”, Dr Wald says, “Easy! I follow certain lifestyle rules that I developed for myself over the last almost 30 years from researching everything that I could on the topic of nutrition, longevity, disease and biochemistry…among other things. I apply this knowledge to each individual patient that seeks me out to improve their quality of life. This is what I do! I enjoy helping others live the high quality of live and living that I do”……………….

Genetics predisposition is one major factor that helps determine how we age, but scientists now know that how we eat, our stress levels, the quality of our sleep and relationships, pollution, electromagnetic and other forms of radiation – all may play a role in how our genetics “express”.

Genetic expression simply means how our genetic characteristics show up in our bodies and lives. Genetics may be important, but they can be favorably influenced by healthy daily practices. We may not be able to affect every aspect of our aging process, but we can and do affect our genetic aging whether we know it or not.

For example, if you are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, but alter your lifestyle favorably by exercising everyday and eating a more plant-based diet, you might entirely eliminate your genetic predisposition and expression of genes that elevate your cholesterol level. The same is true for overweight. If you are genetically predisposed to obesity exercising and eating correcting can and often does reduce one’s genetically propensity to obesity. What about how your body uses nutrition in the form of foods and nutritional supplements?

Longevity is living well…for longer

You are not what you eat! You are instead what you absorb and importantly, what your body activates. For example, if you eat foliage or green leafy vegetables because you want to increase the B-vitamin folic acid in your body then you might be wasting your time.

  • Approximately 10% of the female population do not convert folic acid, a B-vitamin, into its active form called dihydrofolate. The active dihydrofolate form is needed to fight cancer and heart disease, even autoimmune disease and mental illness.
  • You can however consume active folic acid in vitamin supplements.

Vitamins and other nutritional supplements are absolutely needed to maximize longevity. Simply put, you could not eat enough foods to contain the levels of certain nutrients that have been shown in studies to promote various longevity factors like lowering cancer risk and others.

  • If you have a genetic predisposition for high cholesterol for example you might need high levels of folic acid, red rice yeast, polycosanols, vitamin E and CoQ10 – levels that you could never consume in either high enough or reliable amounts in foods.
  • Testing can help to pinpoint how much and of what vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats and phytonutrients you need to maximize your longevity goals.
  • Reducing anxiety, improving sleep, proper exercise, flexibility, elimination of pain, improving memory and maintaining and reaching a healthy body weight are just some of the important factors that Dr. Michael Wald can focus on for you with your Personal Longevity Plan.

Dr. Wald’s longevity program consists of teaching you the following based around your specific longevity goals –

  • What exercises are best for you and how often and at what intensity should you do them?
  • How to shop and stock your kitchen.
  • How to cook basic meals.
  • What nutritional supplements to take.
  • How to improve your sleep quality.
  • How to reduce your stress.
  • and more!

Longevity Program

Known as the Blood Detective, Dr. Michael Wald provides expert guidance and medical investigative work, to determine the biological age of his patients – and natural ways to get and stay well. and to reduce your risk of chronic degenerative disease.  He often works with his nutritional colleagues providing individualized wellness plans.

Using advanced testing and his patent-pending Blood Logic computer software that interprets hundreds of pieces of lab data in just a few minutes, Dr. Wald has uncovered and helped literally thousands of patients over his 20 plus years become well and prevents disease where other doctors have failed.

Through blood work and other forms of testing known as biomarkers, Dr. Wald develops a complete metabolic map for his patients leaving no cell, tissue or organ system unturned. Biomarkers are tests that, when considered all together and in the context of organ specific questionnaires, accurately determines one’s actual rate of aging (biological age vs. chronologic age) and predisposition to many diseases. His program is ideal for those who want to prevent and predict early death and promote longevity and improved quality of life.

All of Dr. Wald’s treatments all non-drug and consisting of individualized combinations of herbal, dietary, stress reduction, yoga, juicing, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional compounds.

Dr. Wald is perhaps the most qualified clinical nutritionist in the United States having a medical education, chiropractic degree, two board certifications in nutrition, a dietician-nutritionist certification and several other qualifications.

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