Herbal Therapy

It can help or hurt your health efforts – use herbs right!

  • Can herbs treat cancer? Yes, hundreds of studies have shown that the use of the right herb, at the right dose for the right person can help kill cancer cells and also reduce chemotherapy and radiation side effects.

  • What is a good herbs list of plants that can improve immunity? Echinacea, astragalus, goldenseal and others can reduce autoimmunity and increased a low cellular immunity.

  • How is the right herb dose determined? The amount and type of the herb(s) depend upon the weight and lean mass composition of the person, how well the person absorbs, their specific health condition and other factors.

Herbal Therapy – an important part of the health building process

Herbs can help or hurt because they can act like hormones or block hormone action; this is called herbal synergism of biologic response modification. If you do not absorb right you will waste not only your herbs, but what you are eating. You are what you absorb not what you eat. Phytonutrients have antiinflammatory, anticancer, can increase metabolic rate, can help various hormonal diseases – do the right tests and have them interpreted by the blooddetective.

Most medications are actually derived from plants and herbs. Herbs in their natural or standardized forms carry great health potential and many have been extensively studied in a large number of human diseases. Our office bases its use of herbs upon careful health history, goals, questionnaire and laboratory tests. There are many potential nutrient-herb interactions and herb-drug interactions that can be harmful or helpful. Individualized attention to your health allows us to carefully and safely determine the best herbs within the context of healthy lifestyle factors and haphazard use of herbs will not likely help you achieve “real” results.

Here is more about Dr. Wald’s opinion on juicing and the use of certain nutritional products containing many different types of herbs. We use a combination of health and disease history, symptoms, signs, health goals, research and laboratory work when developing a complete health plan for our patients…including the use of certain appropriate herbals.

Detoxification does not have to hurt! Some detox everyday is possible – like this!

Herbs have many health promoting benefits in the body that you should know including –

  • Acting like adaptogens – helping to regulate body processes that are either too high or too low.

  • Herbs do not work the same in each person. It is up to you and Dr. Wald to determine how much of what types of herbs might benefit you.

  • Some herbs work well with certain medications while other herbs interact very poorly. Meaning that if you choose to take certain medications you must know all herb interactions, both positive and negative. Positive interactions can “boost” the effects of medications and this may be undesirable. Other herbs may reduce the intended actions of certain medications and this can be very dangerous. Either way, Dr. Wald is trained in both positive (synergistic) or negative (antagonistic) drug-food and drug-nutrient interactions.

  • Herbs may work best when taken with certain foods and away from other foods.

  • The dose of herbs for your health issues may be far more or far less than another person with the very same symptoms or diagnosis.

  • There are many more important facts to know about herbs – Dr. Wald will help you safely benefit from herbal therapies and avoid adverse or dangerous interactions.

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