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You deserve personalized attention and to have your questions get answered!

Here are the FAQS:

At The Office of Dr. Michael Wald healing happens! Questions get answered by working in close partnership with Dr. Wald towards developing YOUR natural healing plan, NOT a “one size fits all approach.”

Dr. Wald’s approach for clarifying your health issues, finding hidden causes of your health problem(s) and developing natural solutions has been woven into his carefully designed longevity approach that Dr. Wald calls – The Blood Detective’s Longevity Plan.

It is Dr. Wald’s belief that finding out what YOU need biochemically, nutritionally and for your particular diagnose(s) goes much further for health building compared with not-well-planned healing approaches.

As a concierge practice, Dr. Wald is available to you by appointment, text and email – “This is the kind of communication that supports healing efforts”, says Dr. Wald

As a paperless office we are concerned about the impact of a toxic environment upon your health goals. Dr. Wald is ready to take on your health goals today!

Frequently asked questions, and answers, about our practice

Questions get answered:

Q. Why should I visit your office?

A. Dr. Wald is one of the most qualified clinical nutrition doctors in the United States. With 30-yrs of successful clinical results, Dr. Wald has a keen ability to narrow in on the hidden causes of health problem and develop natural solutions…hence, his nickname The BlooDDetective. Finally, Dr. Wald has treated a large range of health problems (Click here) in all ages.

Q. What types of therapies and approaches do you offer?

A. Dr. Wald provides many advanced healing approaches ranges from laboratory tests, to biomarkers (predictors of morbidity and mortality) and dozens of others. Click here to view specific approaches and therapies that Dr. Wald provides.

Q. What will my first visit at your office be like?

A. You will be greeted by Dr. Wald personally as he warmly welcomes you into his healing environment. Dr. Wald will escort you into his office and ask for your New Patient Paperwork (click here). If you do not have it completed it Dr. Wald will help you complete it together. Dr. Wald will then begin to review your responses to your paperwork towards formulating a personalized approach to your health concerns. This is also where you get to ask Dr. Wald everything that you need to to feel fully expressed. To schedule with Dr. Wald click here.

Q. Can Dr .Wald use blood and other lab tests that I have already performed at another doctor’s office?

A. Yes! Dr. Wald is happy to accept and review in detail any and all test results that you can provide him. During your consultation with Dr. Wald he will review your tests that you provided him – and don’t be surprised if Dr. Wald finds hidden problems missed by other practitioner. Remember, Dr. Wald also reads blood work both traditionionally (like your doctor does), but also is trained to read blood results nutritionally. For example, if your white blood cell count is a little low this might mean that you need more zinc, protein and vitamin C. If your cholesterol is a little elevated you might benefit from more niacin (B3), vitamin E, coQ10, etc.

Q. Do I have to perform laboratory work at your office?

A. No. Dr. Wald may recommend testing during or after your consultation with him, but it is entirely up to you to have it performed. Dr. Wald has 30-years of experience providing natural health solutions, but sometimes lab tests go further towards individualizing and improving results.

Q. If I had lab work done within the last six months is it too old to use for Dr. Wald’s consideration now?

A. No. All laboratory tests, no matter how old, can provide valuable information. Bring it in with you if you can!

Q. Can you recommend laboratory work for me prior to my initial consultation?

A. No. All of Dr. Wald’s test recommendations are based upon your specific needs including health history, medication and nutritional supplement intake, exercise levels, stress levels, health conditions, and other lifestyle and personal factors.

Q. Can I have all of my testing done at my primary doctor’s office?

A. Yes. Dr. Wald is very happy to provide you with a list of tests, and why he would like them performed, on his letterhead for your doctor’s approval.

Q. Who will I meet during my initial consultation?

A. During your initial consultation, and all subsequent consultations, will be with Dr. WALD exclusively. Dr. wall believes that if he pays personal and close attention to your health needs that this focus provides the greatest opportunity for successful health strategies to be developed and implemented in your life.

Q. What is the cost of the initial consultation, how long are the appointments and will I receive any insurance reimbursement?

A. At present, because of Dr. Wald’s consultations are as follows; The initial consultation provides Dr. Wald the opportunity to discuss with you your detailed responses to his new patient paperwork and questionnaires. Dr. wald will usually provide you with some initial suggestions during this first hour long visit. The follow up or second consultation with Dr. Wald is scheduled once he has put considerable thoughts and has formulated a natural healing strategy to present to you. The suggestions will cover a variety of lifestyle measures including exercise, stress reduction and foods. Nutritional supplement suggestions might also be made in addition to various other natural healthcare suggestions. During this visit Dr. Wald will let you know how often he feels consultations between you and him will move you closer towards optimal health; the follow up consultation is one hour in duration Additional consultations are 30 minutes in length and are an opportunity for share your thoughts with Dr. WALD and progress based upon his health suggestions up to this point. Dr. Wald will provide you his opinions, regarding your compliance with his initial suggestions. Fine or broad adjustments/improvements and his recommendations may be made based upon Dr. Wald’s over 30 years of clinical judgment and experience.

Q. Does mainstream medicine acknowledge your philosophy and procedures?

A. In some areas yes and some areas no. Medicine for example, generally speaking, acknowledges that foods and certain nutritional compounds help prevent and treat a variety of diseases; but this knowledge is not widely disseminated among medical specialist. Dr. Wald may interpret your laboratory work in a manner similar to mainstream medicine or identical to it, but he may also provide his nutritional interpretation of your laboratory work if appropriate; a level of care and focus not commonly found in mainstream medicine.. Dr. Wald provides dozens of valuable service some of which are rooted in mainstream medicine and some are not. You should feel free to discuss whether or not some of the natural health care approaches that Dr. walls provides thought you are excepted my mainstream medicine or not. Generally speaking a good deal of Dr. Wald services are not the standard practice of care in mainstream medicine.

Q. Do I need to perform all of the testing that you might recommend?

A. No. Dr. Wald will have to review with you his suggestions regarding testing that he feels will enhance the probability of you reaching your Health goals. Ultimately however, it is you who decides whether or not you will avail yourself of Dr. Wald’s testing suggestions.

Q. How long will my second (follow up appointment) and subsequent appointments be?

A. The initial new patient visit is generally one hour as is the follow up consultation. Subsequent consultations are 30 minutes in length. Dr. Wald may at times recommend longer treatment times if he feels that that extra time is necessary to properly provide you with the information and education that you need to make more informed health care choices. Dr. Wald will always ask you for your approval to extend consultation time, which carries a slightly increased cost, before such consultations take place.

Q. How many consultations will I need?

A. The number of consultations that you will need varies upon a variety of factors including; your current state of health, your health care goals, your current lifestyle including diet, stress, sleep and other habits of daily living. Your responses to Dr. Wald suggestions will also determine how often consultations are recommended. Dr. Wald does not have set rules regarding how often his patients are suggested consultations. This is generally determined, at least in rough form, during the second visit which is the report of findings. Then, based upon your compliance and response consultation frequency is determined ongoing late and may change at any time.

Q. Do you give dietary advice, nutritional supplement and exercise advice?

A. Yes Dr. Wald will recommend a variety of Nutritional supplements if appropriate in the form of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, herbs and various nutraceuticals. He will always provide food advice based upon your Health concerns and goals. Exercise is also another fundamental area that Dr. Wald believes is essential for healthy healing and health maintenance.

Q. Can I bring someone along with me to my consultations?

A. Due to covid only the patient will be allowed into the consultation. There may be some exceptions. Please contact Dr. Wald directly at info@blooddetective.com.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Dr. Wald accepts cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal

Q. Do you accept Medicare?

A. Medicare is not accepted for nutritional services under Dr. Wald’s license as a certified nutritional specialist and certified dietitian nutritionist. Medicare may be accepted for Dr. Wald’s services as a doctor of chiropractic.

Q. Will you talk with my other doctors regarding my care if I want you to?

A. Dr. Wald is happy to discuss your health details and his nutritional approach with any and all health care providers of your choice with a written request by the patient if he/she is an adult and for a minor with proper authorization by a guardian or parent.

Q. Do you recommend vitamin supplements to all of your patients?

A. Yes. Dr. Wald will recommend vitamin, herbal, amino acid, mineral, nutraceutical natural products when he deems appropriate. Dr. Wald also recommends nutritional adjustments in the form of foods.

Q. How is diet individualized for each person?

A. Each person has unique nutritional needs. Dietary advice is provided by Dr. Wald based upon the health condition(s) of the patient, their responses to Dr. Wald’s detailed health questionnaires and based upon the scientific literature. Dietary advice will also often change as a result of patient compliance or lack of compliance with Dr. Wald’s food suggestions and trial and error – all aimed at providing a personalized and complete dietary advice.

Q. How else do you support my education and health endeavors?

A. Dr. Wald is available 24/7 to his patients as he provides his personal phone number for calls and tests. Dr. Wald is also happy to respond briefly to questions through email. Dr. Wald provides his patients, upon request, scientific and nutritional evidence for much of the nutritional supports and approaches that he recommends.

Q. Do you work with children?

A. Dr. Wald provides expert nutritional care to children and adults of all ages and with practically any health condition or illness.

Q. Do you provide a no-cost opportunity to speak with your office about possible therapies and approaches?

A. Yes, Dr. Wald feels that it is important that you are reasonably confident that he is the right health care provider for you. To this end, Dr. Wald allows a no-cost 15-minute phone consultation so that you can ask your basic questions, and Dr. Wald can respond, so that both the patient and Dr. Wald are confident that he is the right practitioner providing the type of natural health advice that you need.

Q. Do you provide health consultations to those at a distance from your office?

A. Yes. Dr. Wald provides health consultations with individual patients in different counties, states and countries in the form of Zoom, phone, and Facetime.

Q. What is your overall goal for my first visit to your office? Why should I visit your office? Are we different?

A. Dr. Wald may be one of the most qualified nutritional and natural health care providers in the United States and perhaps the world. He is double board certified in nutrition, is a certified dietitian nutritionist, a certified nutritional specialist, a sports nutritionist, holds a masters degree in nutrition, is a doctor of chiropractic and has over 30-years of clinical experience. Dr. Wald also attended and graduated medical school, for the exposure and education, but is not licensed to practice medicine in any state or country.

A. Dr. Wald’s overall goal is to listen to your health concerns and provide integrated health care solutions – giving you the choice of natural and/or medical treatments with or without referral as needed. Dr. Wald “listens” both medically and holistically (because of his extensive education and training) so that he may create and provide you with well-balanced, natural healing solutions . Dr. Wald is a nationally known lecturer, author of over 10 books and researcher in both the medical and natural medicine communities. Our patients’ are overwhelmingly impressed with our love of natural health and Dr. Wald’s ability to develop personalized and practical lifestyle suggestions. One of Dr. Wald’s goals is to enhance your knowledge in such a way that you can improve your health, reduce your disease risk and live life to the fullest without being overly dependent upon health providers.

Read this if you really want to know why Dr. Wald is the practitioner of choice for you!
Dr. Wald is the inventor of Blood Detective Technology – a software program that accepts the results of over 100 pieces of your personalized lab data (results) and medially and nutritionally interprets the results. Dr. Wald then over-reads his Blood Detective interpretation report within the context of your health history, Dr. Wald’s 26 years of clinical experience working with hundreds of patients, Dr. Wald’s Blood Detective questionnaires and personal consultations with you. Compare the qualifications of Dr. Michael Wald with other health care providers that you might consider visiting with:

About Dr. Michael Wald – Author, Clinician, Inventor

A post-graduate degree in Chiropractic (DC) from the University of Health Sciences
Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport (MS)
Board Certified in Nutrition (DACBN)
Board Certified in Nutrition by the CBCN
Certified Dietician-Nutrition (CDN) recognition
Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) recognition
Certified Nutritional Specialist (CNS) recognition
NSCA-CPT: Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN)
PhD from the Holistic College of Nutrition
Naturopathic degree (ND) from the Clayton School of Natural Healing (online degree)
Dr. Wald is past Director of Education for the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN)
Board member of the CBCN (Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition)
MD earned from the University of Health Sciences School of Medicine, Antigua – unlicensed
(Dr. Wald’s credentials may change at any time without prior notice)

Q. What types of therapies and approaches do you offer?

A. Dr. Wald provides a wide-variety of health-focused consultations for the care of his patients with all manner of health issues ranging from fatigue to cancer. With over 25 years of clinical experience working with patients and lecturing nationally and internationally, Dr. Wald is rarely faced with a health condition that he is unfamiliar with. In summary, therapies and approaches that Dr. Wald currently uses include, but are not limited to:
– Consultations – Dr. Wald listens to you with a holistic-mindedness. He appreciates the effects of environment, stress, nutrition, genetics, foods, exercise and other factors. By listening from a holistic perspective, and drawing from his vast knowledge and education, Dr. Wald often resolves people’s health issues where many others have failed. Dr. Wald says, “people tend to visit me once they have been to an average of 4-6 different health care providers. I think that my success lies in the fact that I simply will not stop until my patients are better or until we, as a team, have exhausted as many avenues of health building as possible.”
– Patent-pending Blood Detective nutritional lab interpretation: Dr. Wald is the inventor of this innovative computerized software program that takes a large amount of your lab test results and compares them to healthy ranges and not merely average (what your traditional doctor does). More about Dr. Wald’s breakthrough Blood Detective Technology on this website.
– Blood work – Dr. Wald often performs blood work that ranges across many medical specialties because, in his words, “Each doctor often tests specific limited tests particular to his/her medical specialty. I prefer to perform testing of hormones, the gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular, toxicology, nutritional, immune and others so that I can see the full picture…holistically the way it was meant to be seen.”
– Urine tests – Tests of nutrition levels, tests of particular nutrition use in the body, and other metabolic tests, are often performed so that Dr. Wald can tailor his natural approaches to your biochemical uniqueness.
– Saliva testing
– Hyperbaric oxygen therapies
– UV light therapy
– Infra red therapy
– Dietary advice personalized based upon your biochemistry, health issues and goals
– Ozone therapy
– And more

Q. What will my first visit at your office be like?

A. During your first visit you will be welcomed to our office by our caring staff. Each of us is committed to helping you get better in a pleasant and comfortable environment. We understand that not feeling well affects every aspect of your life so expect that we will be sensitive to your health concerns. During your consultation with one or more of our health care providers your paperwork will be reviewed in detail. What is different about our “integrated” perspective is that we develop a “metabolic map” of you in terms of information gathering and investigations into many body systems. Not only do we question you thoroughly regarding all past and current health issues anywhere in your body, but we may suggest testing for the purpose of pulling it all together – this perspective helps us appreciate and tailor our suggestions to how your body works as a whole and not just in a single area. Consultation, examination, questionnaires and testing are all integrated in our diligent attempts to develop doable health care solutions. Here’s a little more about your first visit:

Your initial visit to our office will be met with a warm welcome from our caring staff. We will ask you for your completed new patient paperwork that we have either mailed or asked you to download, and complete fully, prior to your first visit.
Next, you will be escorted into a consultation room to meet with one of our highly qualified practitioners who will introduce themselves and begin your health intake.

Your first visit consultation will last approximately 60-75 minutes not including testing and evaluations. All testing is individualized based upon the answers you provided to on our questionnaires and responses we have gathered during your consultation. Testing time will ranges from 30-60 minutes. Initial health suggestions may be provided at the end of your first visit. Comprehensive health advice is provided during your second, or follow-up visit, based upon your unique nutritional and health needs determined by our intake and testing. Testing will only be performed with your prior agreement.

At the end of your initial visit you will be requested to schedule your follow up appointment. If you should have any further questions or concerns you may either email or call us.

Q. Can your doctors use blood and other lab tests I have already performed?

A. Yes, as long as your tests are no older than three (3) months old. You are free to provide us any laboratory work and tests that you have done beforehand. It is likely that we may request that you allow us to perform additional testing. Our integrated approach involves detailed nutritional tests, nutritional interpretations, hormonal, toxin, adrenal, thyroid, absorption and other tests for thoroughness. Bottom line, we will let you know our thoughts regarding testing and you are free to accept to decline such testing. Testing is not the only way to gather useful information that provides us with greater perspective to help you.

Q. Do I have to perform laboratory work at your office?

A. No. You are welcome to have us recommend specific laboratory work to you based on our detailed medical and nutritional intake. We will gladly provide you with a prescription to have laboratory work performed outside of our office. Keep in mind that blood work is almost always 100% covered in our office even if we are out-of-network providers based on your health insurance plan. It is important to meet with us first so that we may determine the best types of testing for your needs. We do not recommend the same testing for each of our patients, but instead provide carefully tailored individual testing and treatment recommendations.

Q. If I had lab work done within the last six months is it too old to use for your consideration now?

A. Not necessarily. Although we prefer laboratory work to be performed within a three month period of time prior to our visit, laboratory work performed even years before or certainly six months before may add valuable perspective. Once we meet with you in person we will provide you with specific testing suggestions if appropriate.

Q. Can you recommend laboratory work for me prior to my initial consultation?

A. No. Although there are some basic tests we might recommend for everyone, for example a CBC and chemistry, even these tests are not the same from lab to lab. More importantly, testing should be based on the uniqueness of your health concerns in the context of your past health and medical history, current health concerns, future health goals, the scientific literature, results of prior tests and upon our intuition/judgment. Our model of health care goes beyond traditional medical considerations in part because we do not limited our queries or testing in one or another “medical specialty”. It is our opinion that the allopathic medical approach is too compartmentalized and we view this as a serious limitation from a wellness and preventative health care approach. We take a broad, but detailed approach, in term of our investigations into persistent health problems.

Q. Can I have all of my testing done at my primary doctor’s office?

A. Yes and No. You are welcome to have all of your blood work performed at your primary doctor’s office, but there is usually no need because we do not charge you for your blood work performed by the national laboratories that we use (i.e, Accu Reference Medical Labs, etc.). Even though we are an out-of-network-facility blood work sent to the national blood laboratories is generally covered directly by your insurance company. However, if you are more comfortable having your blood work drawn at your primary doctors office you are free to do so; once you visit with us we will provide you with a list of suggestive lab tests for your doctor to draw. Once you have your lab results you can provide them to us.

Q. Who will I meet during my initial consultation?

A. You will meet with Dr. Michael Wald, the Director of Nutritional Services Depending on your health issues one or more of our practitioners may will work with you.

Q. What is the cost of the initial consultation, how long are the appointments and will I receive any insurance reimbursement?

A. The initial consultation is $435.00 and between the consultation and testing is approximately two (2) hours long; please allow three (3) hours in your schedule however. This is a medical and “integrated health and nutrition consultation” (meaning it includes our holistic perspective and approach). If your insurance company allows you to see out-of-network doctors most insurance will reimburse approximately 85% of the cost of the consultation, but this is not guaranteed. The follow-up consultation is $375 and is an hour long; this is the consult where we review the results of all of your testing performed during your first visit and provide treatment recommendations. Subsequent consultations are generally 30 minutes in length and cost $175 per half hour. Extended consultations may be slightly more, but this depends on your particular needs, your ability to comply with our recommendations and based on how much information you can process during the consultation. All consultations are scheduled in advance. Please see our New Patient Paperwork for more details. THE COSTS OF OUR CONSULTATIONS MAY CHANGE AT ANYTIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. PLEASE CALL US FOR OUR CURRENT FEES OR CONSULT OUR NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK LOCATED ON OUR CONTACT PAGE.

New Patient Visit Downpayment

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with Dr. Michael Wald of Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco and Blood Logic, Inc. We are happy to schedule your New Patient Appointment and require a deposit of $175.00; this downpayment is fully credited towards your new patient visit and is non-refundable* and is applied in full towards your new patient visit fee of $435.00 towards your New Patient Appointment scheduled within 60 days of your $175.00 down payment.

Dr. Michael Wald is a sought after health professional with limited time to see new patients. If you should cancel your appointment your down payment will be applied in full towards a rescheduled new patient appointment visit, on a one-time basis only, when you re-schedule your new patient visit within 60-days of your initial new patient down-payment; after 60 days your new patient downpayment will be forfeit entirely and will not be applied to a new patient visit if you should re-schedule after 60 days of your downpayment payment date.
Only one rescheduled new patient appointment is allowed, and it must occur within 60 days, from the date of your initial new patient downpayment. If you cancel a second new patient appointment your initial downpayment fee will be entirely forfeit even if we choose not to reschedule you for a new patient visit. Our office reserves the right not to reschedule a new patient appointment after your first cancellation. If we agree to re-schedule a new patient appointment for you after 60 days, or at anytime, you will be required to pay another new patient appointment down payment in the amount of $175.00.

New Patient Visit

All payments for visits and services paid during your New Patient Appointment are non-refundable for any reason. Your payment is an acknowledgement of your complete satisfaction and agreement of our non-refund policy. Currently, the full New Patient Visit fee is $430.00, but is subject to change without prior notice.

*Your deposit fee and your entire new patient visit fee including all fees paid towards all services performed during any of your visits, are non-refundable for any reason including sickness, death and for unforeseen circumstances of any reason whatsoever. The reason for this strict policy involves our limited schedule to see people in need. The above policy may change at any time without prior notice. Dr. Michael Wald and Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco and Blood Logic, Inc. reserves the right not to schedule any person again after a single cancellation without cause or reason and the above financial policies remain in force.

Q. Does mainstream medicine acknowledge your philosophy and procedures?

A. As you may already know, some of the tests, procedures and philosophies of natural health are not shared by allopathic physicians nor are they considered medically necessary or the standard-of-care in mainstream medicine. There are many reasons for this including lack of education in medical schools, medical practitioner bias and prejudice. Having said this, there is growing evidence that many of the offerings of natural health do in fact have merit – and Dr. Wald has helped hundreds of people over the course of his 26 years of clinical practice experience. Dr. Wald conducts extensive scientific research so that most or all of his suggestions have a scientific “evidence-base”. “Not all worthwhile natural therapies require a scientific base”, according to Dr. Wald. “They simply need to work!”. If you examine the Services section of our website, and search the approaches that Dr. Wald provides, you will see a Scientific Reference link that contains extensive medical evidence for much of what we do. If you would like us to provide you with further clarifications or scientific references on any topic please do not hesitate to ask. We are always more than happy to speak with your doctor(s) or other health care provider in our efforts to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Q. Do I need to perform all of the testing that you might recommend?

A. No. During your initial consultation we will recommend tests and procedures to you, explain the reasons why we believe that they are necessary for your care and give you the opportunity to approve or refuse to have any and all tests/procedures PRIOR TO HAVING THEM PERFORMED. We believe in complete “transparency” and freedom of health care choice. Our front desk staff will give you the opportunity to view each test fee in writing, after we have explained each one to you, so that you can initial (if you approve) beside the cost of each any every test. During your follow up appointment, usually a week to two weeks thereafter, we will review all of your results and give you detailed suggestions.

Q. How long will my second (follow up appointment) and subsequent appointments be?

A. The second appointment is known as your Report of Findings and is one hour in length and the fee is $275. Regular consultations, that may be recommended after your follow up appointment with Dr. Wald, are an average of 30 minute in length and cost $125; if more time is needed appointments can be scheduled for longer time intervals and an additional charge will apply.

Q. How many consultations will I need?

A. The number of consultations is determined by us during your second visit (or Report of Findings). At this appointment we will have the results of your tests combined with knowledge of your health issues reviewed during your initial consultation; the totality of information that we have gathered will determine our treatment recommendations including the number of consultations recommended to you. We may suggest just a handful of consultations spread out appropriately over time, or perhaps fewer or more consultations depending upon our opinion of your needs. If you need to limit the number of consultations for financial or other reasons we will attempt to work within any limitations. The number of consultations we recommended are based upon our years of experience. However, often fewer consultations are needed during the course of our efforts to help you get well.

Q. Do you give dietary advice, nutritional supplement and exercise advice?

A. Yes. Our recommendations include detailed food instructions often in the form of general guidelines specific to your needs and also daily food suggestions. We provide nutritional supplement advice based upon your health history, current level of health and health goals plus detailed lab and other tests – that all recommendations are specific to your needs and are never generalized.

Q. How often will I need to consult with or visit with you?

A. The number of appointments/consultations and their frequency is based upon your health issues; our plan of action; how well you can make healthful changes; receive education and other factors. During your follow up consultation, once we have reviewed your test results and considered all of the information that we have gathered, we estimate the number of consultations that would best serve your health needs. You might do just fine with fewer consultations or may need a few more.

Q. Can I bring someone along with me to my consultations?
A. Absolutely! You’re welcome to bring friends or family members or anyone else that you feel will help you manage most effectively your appointment time; clarify all information discussed or for moral support.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, checks, money order and cash.

Q. Do you accept Medicare?

A. No. Dr. Wald has opted out of the Medicare system. This means that he does not accept or submit his services to Medicare. Feel free to contact us for further clarification.
Q. Will you talk with my other doctors regarding my care if I want you to?

A. Absolutely. We are more than happy to communicate by phone, Skype or e-mail with any and all of your healthcare providers in the interest of improving your quality of healthcare that we provide. Simply have your doctor(s) or other health care providers call us to arrange a confidential consultation to speak with us.
Q. Do you recommend vitamin supplements to all of your patients?

A. Generally yes. However, if a person comes to see us and lets us know that they do not wish to take concentrated nutritional supplements and only wish to have dietary improvements, than we will, of course, not recommend nutritional supplements. We do believe that diet is often insufficient, particularly in the case of chronic health problems, to make up for the extreme nutritional inadequacies common to many chronic health problems. Diet and other lifestyle improvements always come first and nutritional supplement considerations second.
Q. How is diet individualized for each person?

A. There is no ideal diet for everyone. Food suggestions are always based on providing the most reasonable suggestions for each person. How much protein do you need to lose weight? What sort of foods will help reduce inflammation and also help to improve energy and memory? Depending upon your health issues and goals, we will develop a do-able food plan. The combination of careful consultation, questionnaires and laboratory work are integrated in our efforts to provide you with a way of eating and exercising that is sustainable and produces results. One of our practitioners, Dr. Michael Wald, is the developer of a patent-pending software called Blood Detective that can interpret hundreds of bits of laboratory data that helps to develop personalized foods and nutritional supplement suggestions for you.

Q. How else do you support my education and health endeavors?

A. We have a website, blog, Facebook and Twitter loaded with health content meant to “bring you to the next level” towards health and pro-activeness. We provide articles, radio shows, short sound-bit topics, we write a weekly health column in the Westchester Examiner newspaper and Baby Boomer Magazine, provide a health topic monthly on Channel 12 Westchester News, provide video patient testimonials and much more!
Our website has many of our videos as does Youtube – we have approximately 60 videos with thousands of Youtube views. We have appeared on ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT with Diane Sawyer (video on the website), Channel 11 PIX News, Channel 13, CNN, The Food Network and other channels. We also have posted throughout our website many radio shows and other audio shows (many found on Itunes).
Q. Do you work with children?

A. Yes. We enjoy working with children towards maintaining and improving their health. We work with children of all ages and with many varied health issues including, but not limited to, ADD, hyperactivity, autism, various spectrum-disorders, eczema, digestive issues, overweight and obesity and others.

Q. Do you provide a no-cost opportunity to speak with your office about possible therapies and approaches?

A. Yes. We are proud to offer a no cost “opportunity consultation” either by phone or in person during which you may ask any questions and voice any concerns you may have regarding your care and what approaches might be for you. In this way, we get to determine whether or not we are the best office for you; and if we believe that we are not, we will happily refer you to one or another of our colleagues in your best interest. If we believe that you are a good “fit” for our philosophies and approaches we will invite you to schedule as a new patient. We strongly suggest that you visit us in person for these 15 minute consultations so that you can judge firsthand whether or not we are the individuals you want to share your health efforts with.
Q. Do you provide health consultations to those at a distance from your office?

A. Yes. We provide distance consultations to patients in other towns, cities, states and even countries. Through phone, video chat systems such as Skype we schedule patients as if they were present in our office. We likely recommend testing that the individual can have performed at their location and have the results sent to us for our interpretation. Please visit our, Contact Us section of the website for more on our Distance Consultation Option.

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*DISCLAIMER: Dr. Michael Wald is a doctor of chiropractic with a masters degree in nutrition. He is also a Certified Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Nutritional Specialist and Sports Nutritionist. Dr. Wald is certified to provide acupuncture in several states, but not New York. Dr. Wald has two board certifications in nutrition. Dr. Michael Wald earned his MD diploma, but did not complete a residency and is thus not licensed to practice medicine. The information on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not to substitute for sound medical or health advice. Information contained within this website may change at any time without prior notice. The information on this website is under copyright, 2021.