Everything You Need To Know About Healthy Digestion

Everything You Need To Know About Healthy Digestion

You are NOT what you eat! Instead, you are what you ABSORB! Furthermore, your health at present is a result of your malabsorption and the hyper-utilization (overuse) of your nutritional intake (diet and nutritional supplement. Join Dr. Michael Wald, The Blooddetective, as he provides the answers you need including: Understanding the basics of how your digestive tract works, How does malabsorption happen and how to cure it? Should you adjust your food and nutritional supplement intake based against your level of malabsorption? What is the role of stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes and other digestive juices for overall digestive health? How does your digestion health impact your ability to heal chronic health complaints? This and more practical info provided by the Blooddetective so that you can live better!

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