Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam – A comment by Dr. Michael Wald

I am not at all surprised that this information has become public knowledge regarding the HPV vaccination. Personally, I have always been against inoculations except under very specific circumstances. My opinion is based on over 20 years of research including study that I undertook with one of the premiere immunologists on the planet, Dr. Russel Jaffee.
Sadly, the public has no knowledge whatsoever of the dangers of inoculations in general and this has lead to blind acceptance on the part of parents and also doctors who have administered, and continue to administer, such vaccinations. In short, a huge number of health problems including cancer and autoimmune diseases (as well as many other subtle and not so subtle health issues), have resulted from various vaccines. Doctors have been told that vaccinations, like the HPV shot, are safe so that when adverse health issue occur in the short term they are dismissed – “must be from something else because these symptoms cannot be from the vaccinations, etc.”  What is worse is that longterm effects are never attributed or “counted” as a factor that contributes to increased morbidity and mortality.

I remember being “attached” by school authorities that said, “if you don’t give your children vaccinations then they will get the diseases (for which you can get vaccinated against).”  Then I said, “Don’t worry about my kids. Worry about yours and you say that you have vaccinated them so there is no problem”. It is truly amazing that I was never vaccinated and I somehow lived to my current age of 47, have run 3 marathons and have 6% body fat!!

There is much more to say about the corruption and lies that have allowed vaccinations to become part of what we expect, but I predict that the truth will slowly come out regarding the severe potential negative health impacts. As far as the HPV vaccination goes, it never made sense to me once I reviewed the literature. Most doctors never do personal studies of their own or even read the literature. They just “go with the flow”.  Medicine is fraught with such such lies including issues with other vaccinations, the original studies on lumpectomy for breast cancer were fraudulent (this was on Dateline or 20/20, forget which), bone density medications causing cancer, mammography’s causing more cancer than they prevent (20/20 topic reviewing a medical study that showed this) – I can go on and on.  Bottom line, I trust my “holistic and natural instincts”. I rely on evidence and there is very little in medicine. Having said this, some of you are thinking…”but if we did not vaccinate then more people would die now and more would have died during various plagues. Again, there are very convincing arguments against vaccinations that shed much doubt on these assumptions. See the book, “A Shot In The Dark” and you will begin to questions. Should I advise you to speak with your doctors about all of this? Sure, but don’t expect an educated response. Having said all of this, I must also provide a disclaimer that this information is for educational purposes only and should not be consider medical or health advice. Always consult with your physician regarding health matters including vaccination. Hope this helps folks. My best, Dr. Michael Wald, DC, PhD, Blood Detective. To see the lead researchers unbelievable comments go to:


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