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Exercise is fun, it feels good and it helps fight disease: What more could baby bombers ask for?
In this article I will not only outline precisely why exercise is so important, but also how to really know whether you, as a baby bomber, will benefit in the long-term from your exercise efforts. At the end of each of the subsections below I have outlined for you special tests that I call, Blood Detective Bio-Markers that are tests and evaluations that prove if your exercise efforts will likely improve your quality and length of life. Exercise performance often results in better fitness, but fitness alone without long-term benefits like reduced risk of disease and improved quality of life…your ability to do what you want to do…would be an incomplete triumph.

Hidden Benefits of Exercise

Flabby flesh and unflattering bulges lead many people to start exercising, but the biggest benefits of exercise occur beneath the surface. Exercise boosts immunity, improves mood and helps stave off conditions such as heart disease, cancer, depression, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. It can also reverse some of the signs and symptoms of aging.

Blood Detective Bio-Marker Tests to consider: White blood cell functional test, bio-impedance test (measures percentages of muscle, water and fat in the body and metabolic rate), autonomic nervous system measurement (for stress effects upon the nervous system), bone density test (sonogram method not using radiation), HgA1c (measures blood sugar over several weeks in one measurement), C-peptide (measures insulin output),

The Heart Is The Key!

The heart is one of the biggest beneficiaries of regular exercise. It’s a muscle and, like skeletal muscles, it needs exercise to stay healthy. Exercise makes the heart stronger and more efficient, so it has to beat less to pump blood throughout the body. It also lowers the amount of fat and “bad” cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) in the blood, clears out plaque that can accumulate in the arteries, helps reverse arteriosclerosis (artery hardening) and lessens your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Blood Detective Bio-Marker Tests to consider:  Arterial Stiffness Test (measures hardening of arteries not blockage), Cardiobeam Tech. Evaluation (measures over a dozen cardiovascular parameters non-invasively), VAP Lipid Measurement (most accurate blood fats tests available).

More Exercise Equals Less Cancer

More and more studies are also showing that people who exercise regularly have a decreased risk of developing cancer, particularly colon, prostate and breast cancer. Exercise helps prevent colon cancer by speeding the digestive process, which prevents food and toxins from sitting in the gut. It may also help prevent breast cancer by reducing fat deposits the body uses to create estrogen, which some tumors thrive on.

Blood Detective Bio-Marker Tests to consider: Colon Cancer Blood Test Screening, urinary indicant (a test of absorption), estradiole, estriole and estrone blood and/or saliva testing, testosterone measurements, SHBG, homocysteine, CRP and ferritin testing.

Exercise and Diabetes

Because hard-working muscles use glucose for energy, exercise can also help prevent and control type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes develops when the body stops responding to insulin, which normally facilitates the entry of glucose into cells. When glucose can’t get into cells, it remains in the bloodstream, where it can cause damage. When people exercise, their muscles use glucose for energy, which helps reduce blood sugar levels. Exercise also helps people control their weight, which is important because overweight people are at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Blood Detective Bio-Marker Tests to consider: Bio-impedience testing, C-peptide, serum insulin, homocysteine, CRP, RBC-magnesium, immune profile, autonomic nervous system evaluation, arterial stiffness testing and a comprehensive hormone evaluation.

Lose The Right Kind of Weight

There’s also one condition everyone experiences that exercise helps to manage: aging. As you age, your body begins losing lean muscle mass, oxygen uptake ability and bone density. But this degeneration isn’t inevitable. Muscles, bones and the cardiovascular system respond to the stress of exercise by getting stronger.

Blood Detective Bio-Marker Tests to consider:  Bio-impedance testing, lung spirometry evaluation, pulse ox and C02.

Exercise and Mood

And don’t worry if you’re impatient, and think it will take too long to see these health benefits. Exercise has a mood-altering effect, relieving anxiety, raising energy levels and increasing sexual interest. It increases the body’s levels of serotonin, a chemical that causes good feelings and decreases incidents of depression, and beta-endorphine, a chemical that’s more potent than morphine. In fact, this release can occur just 12 minutes into a workout, which should keep you hooked long enough to reap the other rewards.

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