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Good Health “Maximizing Well Being” A Glimpse at How the “Blood Detective” Goes About Maximizing Yours
By Michael Kohn

I wasn’t sure what to expect when my publisher asked me to interview “the original Blood Detective.”  Before I could ask if he worked with law enforcement, she added that this profile was to be included in this health issue and Dr. Michael Wald was the Director of Nutritional Services at Integrated Medicine & Nutrition.  Since I am now over 50 and expect to have upcoming health issues, I was curious to find out more about this blood sleuth.

Upon arrival at his friendly and bright Mt. Kisco location, Dr. Wald greeted and ushered me into his office, the “heart” of his evidence-based medicine paradigm.  Anticipating my question about whether this was an alternative or holistic practice, he emphasized that he takes an integrated approach toward wellness.  Unlike some holistic practitioners who seemingly eschew traditional medicine or physicians who reject holistic and alternative approaches, Dr. Wald advocates for a balanced approach which combines proven methods from various disciplines while adding his own unique diagnostic tools.

A second generation chiropractor who credits his father as an inspiration and pioneer in nutrition, Dr. Wald holds a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a Ph.D. from the Holistic College of Nutrition.  He is a Board Certified Nutritionist, a Certified Nutritional Specialist, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Dietician Nutritionist.  Although not licensed to practice medicine, he also holds a medical degree.  His partner at Integrated Medicine and Nutrition is Dr. Nilay Shah, who is also Director of Neurology services at Riverfront Medical Services.  Together, they are a formidable wellness team by providing primary care and important second opinions and support, especially in cases where a specialist in one field may not have dietary and nutritional expertise.

Technology is at the heart of Dr. Wald’s practice.  As the “original Blood Detective,” he developed a comprehensive computer technology which helps determine a patient’s individual nutritional and dietary needs by getting to the root of a problem.  It is a predictive and diagnostic tool which identifies with greater specificity a patient’s nutritional requirements.  His Blood Logic technology is currently in use throughout the United States and Canada.  Thousands of healthcare providers have learned how better to manage their patients through comprehensive nutritional and laboratory assessment.

If you are confused, don’t be.  Dr. Wald was quick with a simple example.  A person might be taking Lipitor for high cholesterol but not because of any Lipitor deficiency in the body-it’s a drug.  So, instead of combating a condition with just a drug, Dr. Wald can assess which natural approaches, through diet and/or supplements might be available to advance a patient’s health.  Dr. Wald often works with a medical specialist to maximize a patient’s well-being.

Thwarting More Serious Conditions

Prevention is one of the keys to Dr. Wald’s practice.  That may sound like common sense, but with the assistance of computer technology, screening a person’s unique biochemistry directs a course of action for Dr. Wald.  I am sure you have heard how something like cholesterol has ranges of normal.  With blood logic technology, these ranges can be narrowed and mapped, suggesting treatments which can prevent a more serious condition from developing.  In other words, instead of waiting until there is a real problem, nip it in the bud while you can.

As we shared a cup of coffee (free-trade, organic, of course), I was struck with what I thought was the essence of Dr. Wald’s philosophy and approach to wellness.  We are all unique individuals with unique needs.  When I brought this to his attention, Dr. Wald was quick with a term coined by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roger Williams-“biochemical individuality”.  It was an “ah” moment for me.

By nature, people generally consult with a doctor when they aren’t feeling well.  Indeed, much of Dr. Wald practice consists of dealing with patients with confirmed health issues.  As I listened, however, I was struck by his new medical paradigm.  Typically, a person with some kind of ailment will see their primary care physician who may run a few simple tests and prescribe a drug which may alleviate the symptom.

Dr. Wald attacks problems from a different angle.  Part of his strategy is starting with what is natural first.  Why prescribe a drug when lifestyle and dietary changes may address the underlying cause of a patient’s distress?  Drugs often have side effects which nutrients do not.  Wit the level of scrutiny gained by the testing done at Integrated Medicine and Nutrition, Dr. Wald can create a metabolic map of a person and tailor treatment for a person with greater specificity.

Lest you think that Dr. Wald feels his paradigm is a healthcare panacea, he is quick to point out that he believes in a balanced approach to wellness.  He spoke extensively about the importance of cooperation with other professionals and the possibility that treatments like chemotherapy or surgery may be a patient’s first and best treatment.

More than once, he showed me links to PubMed, a digital archive of the U.S. National Library of Medicine containing articles he uses to back up his research.  It’s a large part of his evidence-based philosophy.  Nevertheless, taking the time to scrutinize a patient’s lifestyle, environment and diet can go a long way to creating an overall wellness picture.  Another part of the practice includes the Longevity Center.  By measuring biomarkers such as total cholesterol, strategies can be utilized so a patient doesn’t end up with multiple diseases.  Focus, of course, is on quality of life and not just living longer.

As you might expect, Dr. Wald teaches nutrition and even makes rounds with Dr. Glenn Brady, Chief of Critical Care at Westchester Medical.  He has written extensively and appears to practice what he preaches-living well!

Even though I wasn’t experiencing any medical distress, I left Dr. Wald feeling better.  Visit his website at www.intmedny.com for further information and a complete list and explanation of the many unique therapies offered.

Michael Kohn is a regular contributor to Inside Chappaqua.

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