Q & A: Losing Weight & Keeping it Off

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1. Have you attempted more than two weight loss programs with no signifi cant long-term results?
ANSWER: if you answered YES, you may have undiscovered hormonal issues, toxicity problems and/or a sluggish
metabolism not revealed by standard blood tests.
2. True or False: Metabolic rate is the only infl uence on weight loss?
ANSWER: False: Nutritional defi ciencies, malabsorption and the RIGHT exercise plan are all potentially important.
3. What do the popular weight loss programs all have in common?
ANSWER:They are not based on your metabolic rate, medications you might be taking that affect weight loss
and metabolism, your particular dietary and nutritional needs and/or other health problems.
4. Which of the following are not considered meaningful exercise efforts for weight loss in the long-terms?
a. “running around” doing errands all day
b. Consistent stationary bike and/or treadmill for 45 minutes three days per week
c. Weight training three or four days per week
d. All of the following may be inadequate
ANSWER: D. If you currently are not satisfi ed with your weight, and you are “running around”, biking or doing
the treadmill for 45 minutes, 3 days per week and weight training 3-4 days, then ALL ARE INADEQUATE weight
loss efforts! Proper exercise MUST ACTUALLY WORK, not just seem like it is appropriate. If you are exercising
and not getting the results you want, individualization and “changing things up” is needed. READ ON…
5. Which of the following are true regarding PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS?
a. Finding out your metabolic rate and increasing it
(however necessary)
b. Determining your nutritional imbalances through blood and/or
urine or other evaluations?
c. Considering other health issues that you might have or genetic
issues not fully appreciated in other weight loss programs

ANSWER: All of the above are true.

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