Small Bird Brains and Sperm that don’t swim…and other true stories

Small Bird Brains and Sperm that don’t swim…and other true stories
Nutrition and Radiation Problems and Solutions


By Dr. Michael Wald

Excessive radiation exposure has long been known to cause problems with sperm including men producing sperm with no heads, or no tails, and yes, sperm that can’t swim.  It is also known that birds and other mammals that have been exposed to radioactive material from Chernobyl suffer with developmental disorders, small brains and reduced cognition; and all of these problems occur in humans as well – and will affect many generations to come.

All known forms of radiation have a threshold level that, when reached, will cause irreversible damage to cells causing dozens of different forms of cancer.  Slow death, and loss of quality of life, may ultimately result from a variety cellular derangement such as dementia, chronic and unremitting fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite, blindness, infections,  vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, electrolytic imbalance, and loss of digestion ability, bleeding ulcers, and the symptoms of blood-forming organ syndrome, confusion, convulsions and others.  But there is much a person can do to reduce radiation damage, loss of quality of life and cancer risk.

There are a few basic things to understand about the biologic effects of radiation damage to living cells; inflammatory, neurodegenerative and immune problems are all key causing increased morbidity and mortality to all living things.  First, radiation causes huge increases in reactive oxygen species or radicals (a.k.a ROS) that destroy all parts of the cell including the genetic material or DNA.  Once the DNA is damaged the cell no longer knows how to repair itself producing abnormal chemicals that increase the destructive cellular changes that begin with radiation exposure of any kind.  There is no safe level of radiation exposure!  The accumulation of damage from continued exposure to all forms of radiation are “remembered” by the body, and unless the body can compensate for the damage that ensues cellular damage and premature death will occur form a large number of health problems, the least of which, are dozens if not hundreds of kinds of cancer.

Although exposure to environmental radiation cannot be avoided, Dr. Michael Wald, Director of the Integrated Medicine Center in Mount Kisco, offers advanced dietary and nutritional protective strategies to increases one’s resiliency against constant and increasing environmental forms of radiation.  Dr. Wald’s research has uncovered dozens upon dozens of nutritional compounds that can partially or fully prevent and treat various levels of radiation poisoning.  Polyphenollic, phytochemicals and organosulfur compounds and various forms of antioxidants found in strawberries, red raspberries, pomegranates, cranberries, currents, green tea, spinach, sesame seeds, garlic and astaxathins are just some radio-protective substances.  Dr. Wald has compiled evidence that when these and other powerful plant and food based substances are consumed by populations they either do not get cancer when exposed to certain levels of radiation and/or the ill health effects that do occur are tiny compared to those individuals who do not consume these foodstuffs.

Dr. Wald has also shown that various forms of concentrated nutritional supplements can prevent, slow and/or reverse the DNA (genetic) damage that results from radiation exposure; some of these supplements include vitamin D, palladium alpha-lipoic acid, potassium iodine, vitamin A, melatonin, aged garlic, selenium, N-acetyl cysteine and resveratrol.

There is a point, or radiation threshold, where no living being can survive exposure no matter what protection is attempted.  But for those of us who have not endured a critical radiation crisis first hand, there is much we can do to protect ourselves from the slow and insidious effects of radiation exposure.

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