Blood Detective Technology and Software

Blood Detective Technology and Software

Welcome to Blood Logic, Inc., owned by Dr. Michael Wald that provides an easy-to-interpret and implement technology and software that creates detailed nutrition and health reports for your patients!

FAQS: Questions Get Answered

Questions get answered by working in close partnership with Dr. Wald towards developing YOUR natural healing plan, NOT a “one size fits all approach.”

Treatments for Children

Your children are special and they deserve special and personalized nutrition. Poor nutrition can cause or worsen symptoms seen in...

The Blood Detective Software Program

A Product of Blood Logic, Inc. Welcome to the page of Blood Logic, Inc., the company owned by Dr. Michael...

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Natural Solutions with the Blood Detective Technology

Patients, Find Natural Solutions to Your Hidden Health Problems with the Blood Detective Technology Here is what you get with...

Health Problem Focused Consults

Dr. Wald Provides Health Targeted Consultations Focused on but not limited to: Athletic Training │ Hormones │ Disease Care │...

Health Professionals Coaching Services

Professional Coaching Services tailored to health professionals ready to manifest abundant clinical, financial and emotional success! Health Care Providers That...

Life Coaching and Nutrition

A Winning Formula…TeleHealth Style! Here Is How I Can Help You Help Yourself as Your Life and Nutrition Coach Reasons...

Health Conditions We Treat

Dr. Michael Wald believes that virtually all health problems are either caused or at least worsened by nutritional problems. Here are the health conditions we treat naturally.



By Dr. Michael Wald – The #BloodDetective: Tele-Health may be available for some of Dr. Wald’s Holistic Health Services! Nutritional...

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